The local hashes usually charge Hash Cash of between $5 and $8 unless otherwise noted. This usually goes entirely for beer and sometimes for some food. When and if that runs out, they usually pass the hat. 

Most weekend hashes start at 2:00 on out at 2:30 except Moon Hashes. Weekday hashes and Moon Hashes start at 7:00, on out at 7:30.
    The Chicago Hash is the first hash in the area. It gets about 10 to 15 lately, up to 30 in summers. They generally run in the North side of Chicago but they can cover a wide area and used to occasionally include suburban hashes. They run on Mon nights in the summer and on Sun afternoons in the winter. They also have a numerous celebration hashes that can include Fri, Sat and Sun even in the summer. Mostly bar oriented. Mostly $8 hash cash.  
    The Chicago Full Moon Hash Running under the Full Moon since 1987 runs monthly on the full moon or the day before or after at the choice of the hare and availability of open dates. Generally a smaller and more intimate group with a more laid back circle that is different from normal circles. Fun. We occasionally run in the dark in the woods, but almost always on the North side of Chicago or close to that area. These runs can be on any day of the week. Mostly bar oriented. Still only $5Contact Horn-E at
    The First Crack of the Moon Hash Running in the dark since 1999 runs on the first light after a new moon or the two following days, according to the hare choice and availability of an open date. These are run like the Full Moon Hash. Mostly bar oriented. Still only $5.  Contact Horn-E at,, 
   The Second City Hash Formerly a family hash, kids still welcome, but mostly adults sometimes running serious shiggy throughout Chicagoand suburbs. Runs every other Sun. afternoon in the summer and once a month, mostly the fourth Sat. in the winter. Emphasizing good beers and usually food after. And always a laid back circle. Recent price increase for the good beers. $8
    The Thirstday Hash A party Hash for good runners runs on Thursday evenings. Our motto, 'Call in sick on Friday'. They often stay well into the night. Getting about 15 lately and around 30 in summers. Almost all runs are on Chicago's north side ending in bars. They sometimes hold wild circles. $8  
    The Big Dog Hash Our motto, 'It's about the trail'. Originally created to fulfill the desire of some Chicago Hashers for continuous weekend afternoon hashes in the summer. They average around 15 for runs often in the woods. The circles are informal and everyone gets a chance to lead the circle for an accusation or two. Most runs are close to Chicago or in the surrounding forest preserves. We now most always run on the second Sat. of every month. Still only $6.  
    The Bushman Hash The way hashing was meant to be. Was created to run on Saturday afternoons that no other hash seemed to want to fill. This is a monthly all male hash,
 but Harrietts now hash with us. Ladies, please contact us first. You will be welcome if you have the balls to run with us and if you don't, the GM will provide a pair of golf balls in a sock to wear in your knickers. Creativity welcome and youwill get a special bandanna if you show. Many do.
We run on the 3rd Sat. of every month. The idea is to replicate the Mother hash as close as possible within the area we have. That means all woods hashes. All accessible by public transit. Finishes outdoors. Depending on weather, a few hours of casual drinking and very informal circle with completely different area traditions. Still only $5. We frequently retreat to a local pub and pass the hat as long as people want to stay. Contact Horn-E at especially Harrietts or for information.

     The Whiskey Wednesday Hash Started in Jan 2014, we run on the last Wednesday of every month. While the goal is drinking WHISKEY, beer drinkers are welcome. But we always hold one or two WHISKEY stops on trail and maybe a short circle with just WHISKEY available. Then we usually return to the start bar where everyone buys their own, WHISKEY, beer or whatever. We are the cheapest hash in town with $0 Hash Cash.

     The First Crack of Dawn Hash Just started on 3/7/2015. I have no idea what they are doing, but apparently they met about 5:30 AM. Isn't that when most hashers are cuming home. Don't know if there will be another, but they ran about 2.5 miles and drank mimosas. More when we learn more or they do it again. 

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