HHHi HHHashers:
See my calendar at www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/hashcal and my web site at HHHinChicago.com
Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start
meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
Anyone want off this list,
email Horn-E at H3HornEH3@aol.com and it will be done.  

New hashers or visitors, because of the virus and lock down, many hashes are back yards or parks. Outside. Be prepared for the current weather.  We occasionally charge up to $10 for hash cash, and/or BYOB. Hash Cash money usually goes entirely to beer, but might include costs for food. HARES: Please get your locations updated ASAP but at least a week to 10 days in advance so we can publish them. Helps attendance.
Hashing has always been open to anyone. Hares: If you can't invite all hashers to "your" hash, perhaps you should postpone "your" hash to when you can. Simply put, if you can't invite all, don't invite any. These are "our" hashes and should be open to all at all times. If you don't know how to make thi
s work, ask us.  

Tue. Mar. 21, 2023. 7:00pm, The First Crack of the Moon Hash #305. Cuntlery will lay a trail from Wright Junior College. From the GM, "Outside: a would Parking lot B (Neenah & Montrose) either row b3 or b4". $6 Hash Cash
Hash Break
Thu Mar 23, 2023, 7:00pm, The Thristday Hash, #980,
SnatchSquatch is haring out of The Hock Shop at 4369 N. Elston. $5 Hash Cash ThristdayH3.com
Hash Break

Sun Mar 26, 2023, 2:00pm, The Chicago Hash. From the hare. and the web site, this will be a CTA Hash. Hashers will be pre lubing at Buckingham Fountain (North side) until 1:00pm. Then they will head to the Green Line and go to Union Park at Ashland and Lake. You can also go directly there and be here at 2:00pm. Meet near the Green Line Stop. From here, the hares Lost Her Penis and Berts Special Friend will take off on an A to B hash, live trail. B is not close. Not sure about a shag wagon so be prepared. There will be corned beef etc. at the finish in the spirit of the Irish. $10 Hash Cash, ChicagoHash.com
Hash Break

The Tale of the Trail
Thu Mar 16, 2023, The Thirstday Hash, #979, Meat Inside Her and Berts Special Friend hared out of Little Joes for a first of the year. The hares outnumbered the hound, Horn-E. But the old fart grabbed his umbrella and headed out anyway and braved the dark misty trail through the neighborhood and the local college campus. And it was straight into an alley before heading over to the campus. A Check in the campus and some Splits slowed the slowest to even slower, but he ran/jogged/walked on. Eventually the trail got over to Halsted and that lazy old dog decided to short cut a bit of trail due to the weariness of running with such a large pack. Over a grassy field he had to go, past some young Coed squatting by some bushes. Hmmm. Don't go near there, but run on. And back on trail. This led to a long stretch under a building overhang and finally a Triple Split. I never found another mark after that Split so I wandered wide looking for marks as I headed to the known beer stop where the hares were waiting. After a short circle we headed back to Big Joe's with a pack of House Puppies who came to drink, but not to hash. All right, at least the puppets were cute. On Out  
Hash Break

Sat. Mar 18, 2023, The Bushman Hash. #214, Horn-E hared from Hernandez Picnic Grove. It was cold, windy and partly cloudy. Would anyone show? So I head out and laid most of the trail I per-planned. Most of the first part of the trail was to be laid on the known spider trails south of the river. And there was new construction. The areas that tended to get wet and slippery were filled in with cross sections of fallen trees. Like stepping stones. And many were anchored by metal stakes through them so they wouldn't float off during high water times. And the stakes were sticking out of the logs, so a one inch covering of snow would make then a real tripping hazard. Only Cook County could take the nature out of nature and make it more dangerous at the same time. But a Check and Back Check through the area and eventually found about 30 people cutting out Buckthorn trees. An invasive species that tends to stifle natural growth and take over the area. Well, that part was good. Then trail went over to Cicero and across the river and back east. I warned the pack about the slippery mud and sure enough the trail went by the very edge of the river and an 8 foot drop and narrow slippery path to the edge. Hey, the forest happens. Then another Check that would later stifle the pack and split them up as trail went around and sort of through some areas of frozen water. Well sort of frozen. Pick your steps carefully and always step on vegetation. In between the ice wouldn't support a small dog. And $20 Butt Stuff is not a small dog. And she had to drag along on a short leash this big guy named Back Door Bizzle. But from here there was a short trail to a lower wet land area and wider pools of this ice and about the nicest scene on this cold windy day and an instant decision to have the beer stop here, out of the wind, and pray for patches of warm sun, where we could drink among the migrating robins all over the area. So who else showed. Seven hounds and one house puppy who walked with the hare to get the beer. Thanks for the company, Zone 2. Now hash next time. This was an easy hash. The first one into the finish was Chicken Stifer who showed up about a minute after the hare and before he could hide the beer. Shortly after was SnatchSquatch bitching about this and that as usual. Must have been a good trail. He was followed by a Bushman virgin and her second hash, Just Julie. She got afraid of the woods and getting lost so she visually hung on SnatchSquatch and wouldn't let go and get lost. Her sister, another Bushman virgin, Just Katie came in much later. She lost sight of Just Julie and kept looking back for baby sis. But she also wasn't going to be left alone out there and never bothered to actually go back looking for baby sis who was actually way in front of her. J. Julie, did she also pretend to care about you like that when you were kids? Also on trail were False Advertising and Lower Wackoff. And we've heard there whining stories before. After two round of circle, we headed out to High Stool, a bar known for its good pours of Guinness and a little warm up time. On Out
Hash Break

Sun Mar 19, 2023, 2:00pm, The Chicago Hash.
Cumming Right Meow and Catstro Dick Assist out of O'Callaghans. By the way, apologies to the hare for the wrong spelling of his name. And CH3, your spelling was really way off. This is the correct spelling from the hare. So, I'm late getting there. And for once I'm glad I missed that start. I ran into Catstro Dick Assist on the way and he told me it was A to B to his house and I knew were that was. Thanks Lord. Around the corner I met Lower Wackoff. Also late and saying there was a Split on this corner. We never found where that Split went. And we worked the area. Then we got split up. The other hare told Lower Wackoff were the Beer Stop was and so he eventually just headed there, near Division and Sedgwick. The finish was the opposite way. I wandered and wandered and using my best and worst instincts finally crossed the river and checked out the River Walk. Nothing. Going south a block on La Salle I found an arrow. This was the part of the trail that Catstro Dick Assist laid and it was a struggle at times, with markes after Splits, rather far out for this small pack of 7 now like 5 and 1 and 1. Anyhow, I ranged on and on and finally made it on in. The hardest part was the Check be Daley Plaza and that hidden third arrow behind the traffic light pole. R Kelly and Back Door Bizzle managed to just walk back to the finish from the beer stop. And Lower Wackoff struggled to find that part of trail but managed to make it On In. Now for the last three. Apparently Joaquin Penis took off to his house and then came back and somehow came in to the finish with Lost Her Pussy and SnatchSquatch. GPS came in at 11.4. We compared several different GPSs pics and the hares. I can only add, unbelievable. They were posted on line. But everyone was in good spirits in circle and despite the bitches, we had a good time. Things go wrong, especially when two hares each do seperate parts of a trail. Distance especially. But we struggled with first marks after Checks and Splits that were to far out for a small pack. Hares, keep that in mind. A mark by the next corner is usually far enough for small packs. Now, it is spring. Lets get those bigger packs back out there. On Out
Hash Break

Swing Low and


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