HHHi HHHashers:
See my calendar at www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/hashcal and my web site at HHHinChicago.com
Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
Anyone want off this list,
email Horn-E at H3HornEH3 and it will be done.  

New hashers or visitors, because of the virus and lock down, many hashes are back yards or parks. Outside. Be prepared for the current weather.  We occasionally charge up to $10 for hash cash, and/or BYOB. Hash cash money usually goes entirely to beer, but might include costs for food. HARES: Please get your locations updated ASAP but at least a week to 10 days in advance so we can publish them. Helps attendance.
Hashing has always been open to anyone. Hares: If you can't invite all hashers to "your" hash, perhaps you should postpone "your" hash to when you can. Simply put, if you can't invite all, don't invite any. These are "our" hashes and should be open to all at all times. If you don't know how to make this work, ask us.
We have had a lot of new hashers during this pandemic lockdown. And they have no Hash shirts. Yes, they can order hash shit on line. But I'm going to try and open up the Bizzare Bazzar again and bring around some old used shirts and maybe even an occasional new shirt. Price. What you think it is worth. The money will go to beer. Might not have all sizes, but just a few shirts now and then. Probably mostly day hashes. To hard in the dark. So if you want some hash attire bring along some cash. 150

Sat Oct 16, 2021, 2:00 PM. The Bushman Hash  Horn-E will hare from the bus shelter on the northwest corner of Cumberland and Irving Park. All woods all the time. This is the men's hash, but we let harriets hash if they have the balls. And if not, Horn-E will provide a pair of golf balls in a sock for them to wear, And for playing our game they will get a special bandanna attesting to that fact and their admission in the future as a proven BushBabe. Hey, it is our game and we welcome you to play along. Weather looks great for running in the woods and no rain expected. $5 Hash Cash to find where the beer is stashed. HHHinChicago.com
Sun. Oct 17, 2021, 2:00pm, The Chicago Hash
. Just Melinda and Gay Dancer will hare from
The Bar On Buena at 910 W. Buena for an A to A' Hash. Cash, $10  ChicagoHash.com 

Tue Oct 19, 2021, 7:00pm The Chicago Full Moon Hash. Ice Princess will hare from O'Neils at 411 S. Wells  $5 Hash Cash

Thu Oct 21, 2021, 7:00pm, The Thirstday Hash. Berts Special Friend and Meat Inside Her will hare from Skinner Park at 1331 W. Adams as part of Pink Dress Month. $10 Hash Cash. ThirstdayH3.com

The Tale of the Trail
Tue. Oct 5, 2021, The 4X2H4 Hash, Horn-E laid an incredibly shitty trail from the Senior Citizens park. That is far as that old fart can get. Trail started out to the west and past some great Halloween decorations. Reminded everyone of Horn-E's addled mind. And then south to the first Check. They ran south and west and found nothing, Trail went east on Fullerton and then through some alleys and twisting back and forth as it headed to the south. Finally another Check at Armitage and Damen and again some great Falses, yeah sure, to the west and south. But trail went east and then south past Lotties and through a little park and another Check. Only one trail was laid from there, up onto 606 trail. but they dispersed anyhow while Cockholm Syndrome got pissed having to actually run a long way to the third mark. Hey, there was no other way. And On it went to the west. There was another Check at some exits from 606 and the pack got confused here. Especially right after they actually found trail and a Check at a intersection with about 22 actual possibilities. Again, only one way was marked out and they couldn't find it. WTF. But they ranged and finally found it. Meanwhile, Stuffin Muffin, Magnetic Muff and Just Do Me Slowly  had already quit and were walking on in. Meat Inside Her blazed through the final maze of alleys not even looking back and was the real FRB. Then came Cockholm Syndrome and Berts Special Friend and finally our DFL, Castration Sensation. Well, at least he ran it all. A nice little circle and on home after an rendition of Cum Buy Here by Horn-E.

Thu Oct 7, 2021, The Thirstday Hash. SnatchSquatch hared from Welles Park We had a small pack of just 6 men, no harriets on trail yet again. And a dress hash. SnatchSquatch took off on a live trail due to the weather. We headed north and worked our way to Lawrence and Western and a Check. Everyone scattered and Castration finally found trail south on Lincoln through the mall area. I passed him at a Split and led for four or five blocks always picking the Splits right. Finally a Triple Split near Wells Park, the start. Gay Dancer and Crash Test Blow Me found trail to the east and I was two blocks south on nothing. I ranged east and saw them ahead. From there it was the three of us over to Damen and south as I tried to keep them in sight. Yeah, they were soon gone. But trail was fairly predictable and I plugged along and kept going back to mark the trail for the back of the pack. We worked out way west to Ravenswood and south to Irving Park before finally returning somewhat along Lincoln. Meanwhile the hare came to Montrose and Lincoln and was snared by Castration Sensation, Back Door Bizzle and Dickin Me Two-fiddy. Well, not really. They were still stuck at that three way. So they all quit and went on in with the hare and I kept marking trail for three guys who were already drinking beer. Short circle was held and I finally headed home.
Fri Oct 8, 2021, The First Crack of the Moon Hash. Damn, same old story. CTA. Two buses in a row with no relief driver at Foster and the bus sat there with 15 to 20 people for a half hour. I finally missed my last possible transfer that would have gotten me into the start just a little late. Son Of Spam laid this trail from Eckert Park and only four hounds showed up. Hey, nice night and some good urban trails from that spot. But the hounds were Dick Hermonica, Lifa, Berts Special Friend and Meat Inside Her. Hope it was a good trail.
Sat Oct 9, 2021, The Big Dog Hash. Pony Pounder hared from the Lakeview Tap Room with a 5 to 6 mile trail and a mid point beer stop and a finish under the El tracks near Montrose. The trail started out east and west and east and west and finally a Check to the north of the start. Here is where SnatchSquatch went wrong/right. He ran to marks he saw on the way to the start and was on the On In trail. And he ran on and on until he got to the BN and B and of course no one was there. We were heading west while he went east. Check at Ashland split us up and we got to a Split at Ashland and Montrose and here I found the right trail out of there. As I ran on to the next Check I found Cockholm Syndrome already there. I picked the right way and was ahead to the next Check near tracks. Again I picked right, sort of. Upon returning from a False, there were marks to the north on Ravenswood as as I turned a corner there was the visitor Handy Capable, or whatever. So the two of us ran on and suddenly there were more coming up behind us. And we headed west some more and to a beer stop where Pony Pounder left his credit card with the bartender. So the pack sat outside and enjoyed some good beer, etc and I ran on. Two blocks later I ran into SnatchSquatch running the trail backwards. I directed him to beer and ran on. From there the trail wandered nicely, but all of the Splits and Checks were already marked and I could only follow along to the finish, just as the hare arrived with beer. Nice circle under the tracks.
Sun. Oct 3, 2021, Chicago Marathon beer stop. Hashes from all area hashes  gathered near mile 23 to hand out beer to marathoners. Over 20 years now. We meet just east of the Dan Ryan and the Red Line and under the railroad tracks. Only this year the cops busted them. So they headed east to State St and then south about a block and set up there. They like that place and weather permitting we will meet there again. Anyhow it ran on to about 2:00pm before cups ran out. So those that were running the hash, walked over to the start of that.
Sun. Oct 3, 2021, The Chicago Hash
Mudsucker laid trail from Turtles as usual with it ending in his back yard for circle. A short trail to the east and through the campus and the south for a big loop and then past Comiskey Park where the White Sox were in a playoff game later in the day. Fans in black everywhere. We ran through a parking area and to a beer stop that Lifa managed for Mudsucker. From there. as usual I ran on, there was a hairpin loop and then some trail to the south for a few blocks and back north to his back yard. I was the FBB. Soon the pack arrived and we held circle and then the pack started to leave, looking for food. Beautifual day.
Swing Low and On On

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