HHHi HHHashers:
See my calendar at www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/hashcal and my web site at HHHinChicago.com
Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
Anyone want off this list,
email Horn-E at H3HornEH3 and it will be done.  

Urban hashing in Chicago is returning with some differing conditions. Will advise as best as I know or check their web sites.  Things keep changing and I am just getting out the best info I have at the moment. Currently the Chicago Hash and the Thristday Hash are not scheduling any hashes and hibernating during this time, due to the current levels of Covid 19 in Chicago. The monthly hashes are struggling on giving hashers who really need to get out of the house for exercise and camaraderie, an occasional Hash run. On some occasions, when there is no regular hash scheduled, some hashers are feeling the need, or maybe have a special occasion to celebrate, and are setting special fun runs for interested hashers, with our newly adapted traditions. Please remember, everyone is an adult and needs to figure out for themselves whether to attend, or wait out the pandemic.

New hashers or visitors, because of the virus and lock down, many hashes are back yards or parks. Outside. Be prepared for the cold.  We charge $5 or $6 for hash cash and/or BYOB. Hash cash money goes to beer. Thirstday H3 and Chicago Hash are closed due to Covid.
Getting surgery tomorrow so I won't be at hashes for a while. Nothing serious. Just my hand. Can someone please keep me updated with the attendance at the various hashes so I can keep that going, and keep these announcements going.

Wed. Jan 27, 2021 7:00pm, The Whiskey Wednesday Hash, Lifa will hare from 501 North Ogden or the Twisted Spoke if open. $0 Hash Cash,
Fri. Jan 29, 2021, 7:00pm, The Chicago Full Moon Hash. Lower Wackoff will hare from forest Glen forest Preserve at the shelter. Street parking or at the Train Station just south of the Forest Preserve. This is on Forest Glen Drive between Elston and Cicero. $5 Hash cash or BYOB                 6

Tue, Feb 2, 2021, 6:30PM sharp The 4X2H4 Hash, Lifa will hare from Harrison Park at 1800 S Wood. Near the Pink Line. $2 Hash Cash or BYOB
Covid ERA Hashing Hareline

Su 1/24 2:00pm FWRC at West end of 606 trail by Back Door Bizzle

We 1/27 7:00pm Whiskey Wednesday Hash. H3 Twisted Spoke 501 N. Ogden Ave. by Lifa
Fr 1/29 7:00pm Full Moon H3 Forest Glen Forest Preserve, shelter by Lower Wackoff
Su 1/31 2:00pm FWRC/Snow Hash 6530 S. University Ave. by Lifa, Stab 'Em & Rev. STFU
Tu 2/2 6:30pm 4X3H4 at Harrison Park at 1800 S. Wood. by Lifa
The Tale of the Trail
Wed. Jan 13, 2021 The First Crack of the Moon Hash, Castration Sensation hared from 825 W Wolfram for 8 trail hounds. We took off down the alley to the west and then south. We were moving fast and I knew I would loose this pack. But we ran on and I caught them at Lincoln and Sheffield and a Check. I was right with Cockholm Syndroum as he found this and we ran through the park and headed south through alleys and a parking lot and on to Fullerton. West and into a quad area in De Paul Campus. I ended up going out the Southwest end with others and no marks. There was some controversy on how that Check was solved, but it went west on Fullerton and suddenly we crossed the street and into a gangway that went through about three small quads surrounded by apartments. Never saw this before. Somehow I ended up last coming out of there and at a Check I went down an alley and the pack was gone and suddenly there was trail. This went through a little park and I followed Its Too Soft here. Now we headed south and he disappeared. But at Fullerton there was Garmin coming back to mark a Check. Thanks. I followed and now we were in the beginning of a stretch of straights without to many decision points, Garmin was gone. I ran on and came to a Split. Looking back was Its Too Soft. I took straight and he followed. (?) A block later I was not on. But it was across the street and I was soon on again, but at a Triple split. I picked straight and Its Too soft followed.(?) NO marks after a block. So I decided on a loop to the north and back to the Split. Wrong. Trail went south from the Split. Damn And now I am finally back on trail and ended up going down an alley for several blocks and found a house with beautiful Christmas lights. While taking a pic or 2, Lower Wackoff came up behind me. So we ran on together, east until the El tracks. South a block and then over to OZ Park. Trail went through the park and north to a Check at Lincoln, Lower Wackoff had first pick and went left. Trail went north on Lincoln and I was soon On. Now I get to a 6 corner intersection. And another Check. I opt to go around clockwise and made a full loop and no marks. Damn. So I start again but this time going much further down the streets. S, no. And about here Lower Wackoff caught up again. Then W, no, NW, no, N, and finally I find a mark further down the block on Halsted and from here we were pretty much north and on in. 94 minutes, 5.9 miles. And everyone was sitting in the back yard around the warmth of the fire pit. I grabbed a seat and tried to stay low to avoid the swirling smoke and circle commenced. Good. Then a burger. Thanks. And finally I left with a ride from Garmin. Others on trail were Magnetic Muff, Stuffin Muffin and Lifa. Home and I took off my vest and then a sweat shirt. Wow, the smoke smell. Laundry. But I could still smell that smoke. But my other shirts smelled fine. Then I got it. Damn beard. WOW. Double WOW. Long shower and several shampoos, even scented, before that was gone. A week later I finally put on that vest, after the hash, and not at home. Wow, it also smelled of smoke. Laundry. The fires are good, but stay low and avoid the smoke.

Sat. Jan 16, 2021, The Bushman Hash. Horn-E hared from Gompers Park at Keeler and Foster. We had 12 hounds. Two walkers in Zone 2 and Just Do Me Slowly who walked parts of the trail. Six hounds really took off and left the last four to struggle on their own. I tried to sweep, but how do you sweep for three separate distinct groups. Slit Digger and Cockholm Syndrome blew away the pack and ran it like it was laid. I assume those that were sort of with them also did, Magnetic Muff, Just Lavinia a new transplant with Malaysian experience, False Advertising and Lifa. Trail went through Gompers Park and across Foster and along a rode at the edge of the river before heading into La Bagh Woods. And Slit Digger did what was planned with the False by the river, jumping off the wall and on through the dried out wet lands and a Check and another Check along the river where he and Cockholm Syndrome both caught the long False. Across the river and a nice run on trails around the swamp and then along the river back to Gompers Park. The middle pack of Mudsucker, Lower Wackoff, Muffin Stuffin and Crotch Fire struggle along and were dying in the dried out wet lands Check. But they got on and finally did that last loop and on in. Back at the finish someone had found my cache of beer and drank four before leaving the rest. but we had enough for circle and we held a nice Bushman Circle. Our transplant Just Lavinia really liked the singing. So all was good and we finally headed home. Good time.               6

Sun. Jan 17, 2021 Friends Who Run Chicago. Garmin laid trail from Horner Park and for the second day in a row, we had 12 hounds. We covid hashers are doing just fine, numbers wise, and are forming a nice group of regulars. Trail headed south and then out of the park and to the west for a short loop and back into the park. From here we headed south and a Check at Irving Park and California. Trail had to go SE into a park and campus for a high school and sure enough, it did. I actually was right behind Slit Digger for a short stretch before the pack started passing me. We crossed over the river on the bike path and at Addison kept going south along the river in more High School campus area. Then the trail took a u turn and headed north through parking lots and over to a Check at Roscoe and Western. Here the hare admitted he realized he was running out of time and ooops, there goes trail with a massive long straight. The trail eventually did get better after Irving Park as it went through the river path north of Irving to Montrose. And then On In. Meanwhile, I was a major DFL. So I short cut to this park and headed across the park towards Irving Park Bridge and the river. Damn. Hugh fence around the field with wind breaking covers, but a gap right where the path is. But the break was only for the wind breakers and not this new god damn wall of very high chain link fence. With construction signs everywhere and no construction at all. But screw the people anyway. So I followed the fence the long way around, looking for what used to be gaps in the fences. None. Damn. Finally got out and headed across the river and took the river trail on in to the finish. Nice circle when I could hear people with gags over their mouths. Some nice songs including some Limericks. Good time.

On On

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