HHHi HHHashers:

Don't forget. 40th Anniversary of Hashing in Chicago. It is June 19th. The festivities should last from TH3 on Jun 14 through the actual date, a Tue, Jun 19. Now, are we going to make it into something to remember. One hasher posted on Facebook a save the date to several out of town hashes. Some are talking about it. I just posted my proposal for a way of celebrating this event and bringing in as many separate hashes as possible to make this all inclusive. Now we need to start talking it up among ourselves, come up with other possible proposals and start forming a team to put it together, set prices, get locations, get hares, design a T-Shirt, and other helpers. How about a meeting the week after the Chicago Hash Ball, Monday or Tuesday (Wed is a Whiskey Wed night) and get Gay Dancer in on it right from the start. Anyone know of a good location were we could meet for an hour or so.   Cheers.

Check calendar at  https://www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/HashCal and my site at HHHinChicago.com.

Next weee Nov 7, 2
Mon. Feb 19, 2018, 7pm, A Pick Up Hash (Presidents Day Hash), A to B from Soul Taco's House at 1353 N. Noble #1. Wear your MAGA Hats.

Thu. Feb 22, 2018, 7pm. The Thirstday Hash. I believe this time it is Silent But Deadly trying to teach One Fuck Chuck how to hare. Now, which hare will screw up the most. Be there to evaluate the hares. $8 Hash Cash. https://chicagoth3.com/

Sat, Feb 24, 2018, 11am, The Rag Time Hash. I believe there is a hash scheduled, but I don't have a location. I heard it will be at White Cliffs house. So, cum and get drunk at the Rag Time Hash, stay drunk all afternoon and then go to the Chicago Hash Ball prelub to get drunker before the Chicago Hash Ball where you can go and get drunk and earn the Bill January award for sleaze and outrageous behavior for 2018. Or at least the Hash Shit award.

Sun, Feb 24, 2018, 2pm. The Chicago Hash, The new incoming Grand Master, Gay Dancer will lay trail with the out going Grand Master, Dr. Cockvorkian (if he shows). Impeach, impeach, impeach rally starts at 1:30. The location will be Chipp Inn at 832 N. Greenview.  $8 Hash Cash.  http://chicagohash.com/

Last week:

On Thu, the TH3 hash was held at Danny's Tap Room. Lucky I heard about in in advance because there was no update on the TH3 web site. The hares were W Jew 40, Foamy Discharge, O'Shitty Discharge, or was it Foamy Runch, and finally Riot Me This Riot Me That. All of those hares and no sweep. We started out with 8 hounds and were immediately scattered and all confused with a starting False and an immediate Check. By the time I got through that, everyone was out of sight to the east. I managed to catch up with Loin Dick 2 returning from a False. We couldn't solve that Check and started ranging in a big loop before finding trail. After that the trail wasn't to bad and even though there were no sweeps or hounds marking rail we ran on okay as I tried to keep her in sight. I finally lost track of her, probably at a Check that I found right away. Ran on and finally had a Split marked, and crossed out and remarked so that you couldn't figure out which way they tried to point out. Looked straight to me, even though I thought it would be left. So I went straight and it was left. Finally ran over Logan Blvd and up to a triple Split. This time I didn't believe what looked like someone marked for the true trail. I used my instincts and was right, going right. Soon I was at the beer stop before everyone left. And somehow I got in front of Loin Dick 2. We finally left and two blocks before the bar, One Fuck Chuck got an email. Yep, Loin Dick 2. At the beer stop and no one there. Back at the bar Furry Spice led us in a circle and then the Sausage Man arrived. Good stuff, but I almost died on that horseradish.

Fri, was The First Crack of the Moon Hash
Asian New Years hash. Meat Inside her and Stiffy 4 Stiffies cooked and 16 hounds followed a Lifa trail. I was near the front as we ran past the United Center and found a Check. No one went north so I did. After a block i looked back and no one was there. So I ranged east and after a long block I saw Fetus Envy entering a parking lot.Yeah, I'm back. Feather leads the pack out of the parking lot and a loop right back towards me. Boom. I'm running second behind Feather to a quick Split. He went west and I went right and I was on. two short blocks late I was still near the front at a Check on Ashland. Fetus Envy went north. Just Trevor and I crossed the street into a park. He choose north east in the park and I headed east and I was soon ON. Crossing Ogden was a Split and I picked wrong, but loopoing around I found myself running up to Fetus Envy at the next Check. I went south and was wrong. Heard no one calling, but the trail went right back the way I came, but on the wrong side of the street. Damn. So I ran on, alone, through two back checks and eventually crossing the Expressway on Ogden to a Check. Lower Wackoff had marked it with a tiny bit of chalk, but it was a short cut instead of actual trail and his attempt to get me back on true trail failed as I didn't see the sticks he marked it with or they got moved. Anyway, I was suddenly off trail and poor prospects and near the finish so I ran back to the start and got there about five minutes before the pack started to arrive. It is always more fun near the front or in front and I managed for a short bit of trail so, I had fun. Back at the start, we had a circle and then started into some great Asian and Korean food and of course some good beer. And I just made it to the last bus of the night.

Sat, was the Bushman Hash set by Horn-E  from Lechowitz Woods with five hounds. I was able to sweep and follow the pack. The woods were covered in a few inches of snow. The goal, the golf course, also had a few inches of snow except where the cross country skiers had made trail that melted faster. Great for the trail. The first section of woods led to a path and a great Back Check and Lower Wackoff who was running last was suddenly first to a Check in the golf Course fairway. He headed off on the correct trail and somehow missed the first mark and the rest were scattered all over the fairway, getting close to the return trail. But we got back on trail and False Advertising led us into the woods and a bridge and the next Check. Lifa and R Tard E went down a road to the NW. No marks, but they kept going. Lower Wackoff found trail to the south and yelled on. Great. And he found the False. So when they returned they headed down that same road, again missing the very obvious true trail. Damn. Then at the fairway they headed south along the east edge while Lifa and R Tard E were on the far opposite edge of another fairway running a False trail from the next Check. Like I say, no marks and Cums On All Bases runs on and eventually finds the On Back trail. Shit. So I head into the woods after them as they get to some melted wet lands and circle around and finally get on trail as designed. From here it was just trail up a steep hill, over a bridge, slippery icy path and woods to the finish. R Tard E was first to the B and Cums On All Bases found the beer. Best beer stop of the year. In the hollow of a huge dead tree. We have pictures of five of us inside of the tree and room for more. And the snow was just getting started and we circled up and had a few beers each before heading out to the On In at the Nil. That tree was like standing inside of a huge chimney with two entrances. I'd been by there, withing fifteen feet, dozens of time and never investigated it.

Sun was the Chicago Hash set by
Lower Wackoff with some lame assistance from Horn-E from The Booze Hound. Horn-E was supposed to get there at 2pm to help set the beer stop and then wait there along with Bingo for the pack to arrive. But a last minute phone call that I couldn't break away from and just missing three buses and it was 2:30 before I got there. I even tried catching a cab, but with Lyft and Uber, there just aren't many for flagging down on the street and the only one wouldn't pick me up. Anyway, the pack of nine hounds got going. The trail was to show some previous hares in that area, how to run the various abandoned tracks and live tracks and how to set trail on them. But they didn't show, and the pack got split up on some disappearing marks and a long dead end alley and struggled on in two packs before finally finding the Beer Stop between an abandoned factory and some abandoned tracks in the warm sun. SnatchSquatch led the circle, Soul Taco was beer wench and the hares drank a lot. And Slap Dat Ass finally came out of hibernation.

On On

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