HHHi HHHashers:
See my calendar at www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/hashcal and my web site at HHHinChicago.com
Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer. Anyone want off this list, email Horn-E at H3HornEH3 and it will be done. 

I can't be held responsible for last minute changes. If you see something you might like to do, always verify at their web site for last minute changes or confirm with the hare. And remember, last minute changes should be only for real issues like a bar closing, or a hare who got sick. Not reactions to non emergencies as perceived by a few. Whenever, whatever let all potential hounds know in a timely manner and as soon as possible and on all available forums or message lists, web sites, etc.

Thu. Mar 19, 2020, 7:00pm, The Thirstday Hash. Garmin and Horn-E were supposed to be haring out of Double Bubble at 6036 N. Broadway. But over the weekend apparently an incomplete group of area GMs decided to cancel all of the rest of the hashes in Chicago in March, in the interests of safety and related to the Corona Virus. It is over a day and I have not yet received as much as a courtesy message from the GM of the Thirstday Hash as to what is happening. But since then, out Governor has closed all of the bars and restaurants in Illinois as of 9PM Monday night. That would make the Double Bubble not an option for Thursday night. As for myself, and I can't speak for my cohare, I think the hash should go on. But in a safe, safer, manner. We make the hash work, whenever possible. This is possible. If at least two hashers would like to run a hash on Thursday night, and let me know, I will set an impromptu hash from the Super Market across the street from the Double Bubble, about 6025 N. Broadway. About 4 miles, followed by a short beer stop, like the 4X2 Hash and then go home. There is no where else to go. But this is better then home confinement. Remember, let me know at H3HorneH3@aol.com. And remember, no shaking hands. It isn't Coroma that is the main reason to not shake hands. It is because no one has any TP because of the hoarding. :-)

Sat. Mar 21, 2020, 2:00pm, The Bushman Hash. We will go on, but we will try to be safer then normal. That means a good woods trail where there is less Corona (Maybe Guinness) then walking down the street in your own neighborhood. We will have our usual short circle in the woods. We just don't have to stand next to each other, but spread out a little. We are even considering a grill after. Possibly brats and buns, limited condiments, rubber gloves for the cook, you get the idea. It will be cold. Dress appropriately. We have at least one early entry for the Sat Hash. Horn-E is haring out of Forest Glen Forest Preserve on Forest Glen Dr. About two blocks north of Elston. Get yourself to Elston and Foster. Foster bus from Red Line Berwyn stop or Blue Line Jefferson Park stop. Head north on Elston to just before the tracks, Forest Glen Dr. This is also a Metra stop, Forest Glen.Then head north a block or two. Remember, this is a men's hash. but Harriets are welcome if they have the balls to run with us. We accept creativity, but if you aren't prepared, Horn-E will have a pair of golf balls in a sock for you to wear. And for this, you will get a special bandanna for playing our game. You are welcome. Hash Cash $5. HHHinChicago.com
Be aware that Horn-E knows what the rest of the local GMs did and why. Mainly disagree with the manner. So I checked to see of the rest of America is reacting or over reacting in the same manner. I checked Waukesha, Madison, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, Dayton, Motown Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh and even as far away as Carona central, Seattle and saw no visible evidence on their web sites of anyone canceling hashes. One even had a scheduled Corona Hash. I'm not alone and believe we can hash through this crisis by staying outside, not getting to close, have a quick beer or two and go home. It is better then home confinement and good for our sanity. Remember you don't have to come if you feel safer and more comfortable staying at home in your jammies eating your 14th bowl of popcorn for the day.

Tale of the Trail

Wed Mar 11, 2020, The Chicago Full Moon Hash.  False Advertising hared out of the Cobra Lounge for an A to B Hash. I missed it, but they had a small pack of only four hounds, Lifa, Berts Special Friend, Meat Inside Her and Its Too Soft. I was told that there was a five mile trail but the marks were so close together it amounted to only about 2.5 to 3 miles ending at the home of the GM.

Thu. Mar 12, 2020, The Thirstday Hash. Ice Princess and Soul Taco hared out of Weathermark for a pack of 11 hounds, TH3's second biggest pack of the year. This was a very short run followed by a Ragnar promotional stuff. We headed north towards the loop and then suddenly east into Grant Park. The hares teased the pack with the possibility of running towards the Museums and Soldier Field, but then did a quick loop back towards the city and a quick beer stop in the usual park. Hashers kept putting beer cans in front of Meat Inside Her and she kept turning them into Hockey pucks, a talent we started at the Bushman Hash, See, we are good for something. Back at the bar we all huddled on couches and appetizers were provided by Ragnar promotion and we all chowed down. Then in that tight circle we held a laid back circle led by Hooch B4 Cooch. So far, no reports of Carona Virus from that tight gathering.

Sun Mar 15, 2020, The Chicago Hash. Sanding Ovation was supposed to hare with a surprise co-hare from Celtic Crown. I arrived at 2:20 and was the first hasher there. At about 3:00 I was the only hasher there. The bar never knew we were coming and was never told them we weren't in case someone showed up. Surprise, the hash was canceled. I finally looked it up on my new cell phone that I am still trying to learn how to use, It was still listed on the CH3 Calendar which came up first. WTF. Later I found out that all of the "other" GMs had a meeting and decided to cancel hashing for March. WTF.  Unheard of. And I have been around for a long time. Safety? Emergency?They even have a Hurricane Hash in Florida. Apparently the regular Sunday patrons at Celtic Crown weren't aware of this. Either were the hashers at TH3 just 64 hours earlier. I left Celtic Crown and went to Barrelman on my way home. More of the usual Sunday patrons that were unaware of and unconcerned with this paranoia. Hoarding TP was the big joke. We then heard that the Governor was closing all bars and restaurants at 9pm on Mon. If this is an emergency, why not right away. And why not close the Tues. elections where all of those vulnerable senior citizens would be working. Will anyone vote, or just those brave enough to leave their homes. Just asking. I went home at 6pm and finally found a long list of people who tried to let me know that the hash, and all of the hashes except Bushman, were canceled for March. WTF. But the CH3 Hash was still listed on their calendar. Hmmm!!! My thanks to Dick Hermonica, Meat Inside Her, Gay Dancer and Lifa for attempting to let me know. But the earliest message I got was at 12:13, well after I checked things and planned my day around the hash that wasn't to be. Let me be clear about this. Last minute changes by the "IN CROWD" has been going on since I started hashing in 1985. It was never an emergency, just a decision that somehow doesn't get to everyone, like me this time. This was not a last minute emergency. If the hare needed to back out, we could have had a last minute "Pick Up" hash. No one is forced to come if they don't want to come. Then we would have had enough hashers for a decent trail. We could have had a hash to a park for a beer stop and a quick mini-circle and then go home. It works for 4X2 Hash. And no one, like myself, would have gotten screwed. If change is necessary, really necessary, you always try to make the hash work as close to the original Hash location and time as possible and always take EVERY venue to let EVERYONE know of the changes. So, yes, I have a right to bitch. Now my rant is over.
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