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AOL is screwing with me again. Sorry if you didn't get the message yesterday. They are blocking bulk emails again. Looks like I will have to send this out in blocks of 20 or less to get it out. You might get a duplicate message as I try Gmail. Not sure that is working either.

Check calendar at 
https://www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/HashCal and my site at HHHinChicago.com.
This week's hashes: Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
This Week:

Wed, Oct 10, 2018, The First Crack of the Moon Hash, Somebody, probably Son Of Spam will lay trail from Park Tavern at 1645 W. Jackson. Special announcements and who knows what else. Don't miss it. There will be some Haberdash available. and don't forget this is the black socks hash. $5 Hash Cash, HHHinChicago.com

Thu, Oct 11, 2018, 7:00pm, The Thirstday Hash,
Furry Spice and Captains Log will hare from Celtic Crown at 4301 N. Western. This will also be a pink dress swap event. Bring your old one and get a new one. $10 Hash Cash ThirstdayH3.com

Sat, Oct 13, 2018, ???am/pm, The Big Dog Hash,
????? will hare from somewhere. $6.

Sat, Oct 13, 2018, 2:00pm, The Thirstday Hash, SnatchSquatch and Gay Dancer will hare from Redmonds at 3358 N. Sheffield. This is a pink dress hash for charity. Yes, you must wear a pink dress. Hash Cash $75 ThirstdayH3.com

Sun Oct 14, 2018, 2:00pm, The Chicago Hash,
Feather and Just Mike will hare from Feather's Nest at 1003 N. Ashland. $10 Hash Cash, ChicagoHash.com

Last week hashes:

Thu was a Thirstday Hash with a last minute change of hare as Foamy Discharge stepped up and laid a Marathon prelube hash of 2.62 miles from Danny's Tap Room. Having lost a chunk of my ass on Mon. I begged for the beer stop location in case I really couldn't run. Well, I could, but slower then normal. Trail went south and nine hounds took off. I managed to stay with the pack until shortly after we passed North and Western, heading east. I ranged a bit and finally gave up when I saw no marks on 606. So I headed north towards the beer stop location. Finally heading west a block I found the pack heading east. Ooops. So I just kept heading north and finally the pack came back to me on Western at Logan. From here I let them find the Beer Stop although I knew it was just past the skate park. Then after a short beer stop in paper cups, they ran on and I walked with the hares over to the parkway by some trees for the final beer stop. Everyone managed to make it in with False Advertising coming in FRB, with the exception of SnatchSquatch who finally lost the trail for good and went back to the bar. And speaking of the bar, we had several groupies show up and we circled in the back yard.

Then on Sun we had the Marathon beer stop as usual near mile 23. And as usual, we had many volunteers who contributed beer, cups, garbage bags,
signs, and enthusiasm as we passed out about 2500 cups of beer to the eager and grateful marathoners. A good time was had by all volunteers. Thanks for coming out. I actually met a guy who hashed in Katmandu back in 1983. Maybe he'll come out and join us. I also saw one guy who ran barefoot. Many were taped up and whatever they had to do to finish the marathon. Saw one guy running on springs with both feet and lower calfs missing. And well done to all of those in wheelchairs.

Then we went over to Turtles for the usual Sun, Chicago Hash where SnatchSquatch and Ball Cock Dumper laid a trail of about 3 miles. Yeah, I did at least four as one of 6 hashers who ran the trail. I never saw Hooch B4 Cooch as he must have found trail early and really moved on to Home plate. Found myself with Silent But Deadly and Dr. Cockvorkian early on and we hit one of many Splits. They went west and I found trail north. She kept going and ranging and wasn't seen until she hit home plate. Meanwhile Dr. Cockvorkian ket on trail to another Check He went left, right, I went right, wrong. Never saw him again until home plate. I ran on through checks and Splits and finally Soul Taco and Jolly Green Jizzer caught me. We struggled for a bit on some Checks and Splits and finally I found one Check and soon they caught me and passed me. I never saw them again until the finish at home plate. If you were counting, that was all five and I came in DFL as usual, sliding into home plate for a 6-0 finish. We circled at the historic home plate before heading back to the bar for some more beer and grub.

Great and exhausting day.
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