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SAT AUG 19, 2017, 2PM, THE BUSHMAN HASH #147. All woods all the time. Horn-E will lay trail from Lechowicz Woods at Indian Rd and Central. to get there take the CTA Blue line or various bus routes to Jefferson Park and then a Central bus north to Indian Rd. Or the Red Line to Berwyn and take the Peterson Bus to the end of the line and walk south over the river to Indian Rd. Ladies, you know the rules. We are a men's hash, but you are welcome if you have the balls. If not, I will provide a pair of golf balls in a sock for you to wear. And you will be given a special bandanna for doing so. We'd love to have you join us.  Please let me know if you are cuming so I can provide enough beer. Still only $5
Please note that I do try to get everything as accurate as possible. Mistakes happen. Pick a hash you'd like to do and verify the data at the listed links. We can't account for dicey information or last minute changes. This is only a guide and the host hash's web site should be the ultimate authority. I Also, I don't list hashes that move to another hashes date unless they both agree to the move. Let me know at of any corrections and I'll try to get them corrected at the next posting and at Thanks.

I just had my computers upgraded and suddenly I can't add the usual calendar with a simple cut and paste as before. Don't you just love it when the asshole geeks upgrade things to make them better and only make then worse.  Anyhow, the calendar will still be updated as often as I get the word, and can be viewed at  Here you can view many months in advance. Hares checking on haring for your birthday. Check it out. Visitors looking at a potential visit to Chicago, check out the potential hashing dates during your visit. Remember, changes happen, added hashes, dropped hashes, changed dates and changed locations. We are only 95% accurate and complete do to circumstances often beyond our control. Always verify at the individual web site posted or click able on the calendar dates. And verify again just before the date. I can only work with what I get from them on a weekly basis. Facebook might also have more or different information. Meanwhile I'll try to find a way around this shit.

Last Week

We started out the weekon Mon. with a CH3 Hash set by Rusty Grundle and Just Chris out of Danny's Tap Room. We had one virgin, Just Josie, and 9 other hounds an this hash. Yes, just ten on a beautiful night. Mostly decently laid there were a few spots where the pack might not have had much trouble finding marks, but alone, I can only say that they weren't always in the spots where we might look first and add to that at least two times where someone swept and pointed marks in the wrong direction. A wrong mark is worse the no mark at all.

The next hash was a Chicago Full Moon Hash set by Snotcho Mama on Tue out of Emmitts. We had five hounds on trail and wound down to Fulton Marker and towards the Merchandise Mart before ending in an alley a block away for a long beer stop and circle. We really got split up and were all over the place before regrouping, by accident or providence, about a half mile from the finish.

Thu had our third hash of the week, a Thirstday Hash out of Sofo set by The Dark Kunt and Silent But Deadly. This was the annual Toga Hash. I missed it, but for an annual event, I heard we only had less then 20 hounds on trail.

Sat was the annual Around the World in Eighty Beers Hash set for the Big Dog Hash by Berts Special Friend and W Jew 40. Perfect weather. 7 beer stops along trail and 80 beers from around the world to sample. Much expense and setting up 7 beer stops and we should have had another great turnout. Instead there were only 6 hounds. With the hares, that would be ten beers a piece. After a beer, we finally took off at 3pm. It took 20 minutes to find the first check. By then we lost Pearl Vision. Actually she ranged far enough and found later trail and went on to stops four and five by herself. Eventually while drinking a beer a virgin came running along and she snagged him with a cold beer. Just John joined us for the rest of the trail. Meanwhile the other five ran all around the picnic areas of La Bagh Woods and eventually found the first beer stop in a cove of trees in the middle of the park, a hundred feet from the start. And the second beer stop was fifty feet later. After this we lost Fetus Envy who had to leave. We then ran on to some good deep woods running and finally came to Beer stop number three. Shortly after we left there, we ran into Pearl vision and Just John. By now we were dragging a bit and the fourth and fifth beer stops came right away and much standing around in the woods. Stop number six was missed, along the river, as a mark got wiped out. Another hundred yards and we gathered in a clearing for stop number seven and a circle. Good time, but we should have had a crowd.

Sun was a Second City Hash and Fetus Envy said he was haring from Just Jess's house. Missed it. But another beautiful day for hashing.


attention to the monthly hashes and not about detracting from the weeklies whose weekly schedule gives them more then enough attention and they would overwhelm this list. Hares in bold, full schedule colorized for that hash when a location is finalized. Look for your birthday or other special occasion and sign up with the various hare raisers. Then get a location, sooner rather then later. Berts Special Friend for the Chicago Full Moon Hash, Son Of Spam for the First Crack of the Moon Hash, Little Trojan Annie for the Second City Hash. Lifa for the Big Dog Hash, Little Trojan Annie for The Rag Time Hash. Snotcho Mama for Whiskey Wed and 4X2H3 hashes.

Volunteer Now

Sat 19     Bushman Hash, Horn-E @ ????? @ ?????
Sun 20    Second City Hash, ????? @ ?????
Tue 22     First Crack of the Moon Hash #240, ????? @ ?????  OR
Wed 23   
First Crack of the Moon Hash #240, ????? @ ?????  OR
Thu 24     First Crack of the Moon Hash #240, ????? @ ?????

Wed 30   Whiskey Wednesday Hash, Aug 30 Whiskey Dickup @ ?????
Sun 3     Second City Hash, ????? @ ?????
Tue 5     4X2H4, ????? @ ?????

Tue 5     
Chicago Full Moon Hash #352, ????? @ ?????  OR
ed 6   
Chicago Full Moon Hash #352, ????? @ ?????  OR
Thu 7     Chicago Full Moon Hash #352,
????? @ ?????

Sat 9      Big Dog Hash, ????? @ ?????
Sun 17    Second City Hash, ????? @ ?????
Sat 16    Bushman Hash, Horn-E @ ????? @ ?????
Thu 21   
First Crack of the Moon Hash #241, ????? @ ?????  OR
Fri 22    
First Crack of the Moon Hash #241, ????? @ ?????  OR
Sat 23    First Crack of the Moon Hash #241, ????? @ ?????

Wed 27   Whiskey Wednesday Hash, Snotcho Mama @ ?????
Sun 1     Second City Hash, ????? @ ?????
Tue 3     4X2H4, ????? @ ?????

Wed 4    Chicago Full Moon Hash #353, ????? @ ?????  OR
Thu 5
Chicago Full Moon Hash #353, ????? @ ?????  OR
Fri 6       Chicago Full Moon Hash #353,
????? @ ?????

Sat 14    Big Dog Hash, The Gas Stop Bob @ ?????

Sun 15    Second City Hash, ????? @ ?????
Fri 20      First Crack of the Moon Hash #242, ????? @ ?????  OR
Sat 21    
First Crack of the Moon Hash #242, ????? @ ?????  OR
Sun 28    First Crack of the Moon Hash #242, ????? @ ?????
Sat 21     Bushman Hash, Horn-E @ Edge Brook Woods @ Near Central and Caldwell
Wed 25   Whiskey Wednesday Hash, Son Of Spam & The Foam Queen @ ?????
Sun 29    Second City Hash, ????? @ ?????
Fri 3       Chicago Full Moon Hash #354, ????? @ ?????  OR
Sat 4
Chicago Full Moon Hash #354, ????? @ ?????  OR
Sun 5     Chicago Full Moon Hash #354,
????? @ ?????

Tue 7     4X2H4, ????? @ ?????

Sat 11    Big Dog Hash, SnatchSquatch @ ?????
Sat 18    Bushman Hash, Horn-E @ ????? @ ?????
Sun 19   
First Crack of the Moon Hash #243, ????? @ ?????  OR
Mon 20  
First Crack of the Moon Hash #243, ????? @ ?????  OR
Tue 21    First Crack of the Moon Hash #243, ????? @ ?????

Wed 29  Whiskey Wednesday Hash, Nov 29 ????? @ ?????
Sat 2     Chicago Full Moon Hash #355, ????? @ ?????  OR
Sun 3
Chicago Full Moon Hash #355, ????? @ ?????  OR
Mon 4    Chicago Full Moon Hash #355,
????? @ ?????

Tue 5     4X2H4, ????? @ ?????

Sat 9      Big Dog Hash, ????? @ ?????
Sat 16    Bushman Hash, Horn-E @ ????? @ ?????
Tue 19   
First Crack of the Moon Hash #244, ????? @ ?????  OR
Wed 20  
First Crack of the Moon Hash #244, ????? @ ?????  OR
Thu 21    First Crack of the Moon Hash #244, ????? @ ?????

Wed 27   Whiskey Wednesday Hash, ????? @ ?????
Sat 13    Big Dog Hash, Jan 13, Horn-E & ????? @ The 8 Beer Stop Hash #14, Catherine Chevalier Woods
Sat 20    Bushman Hash, Horn-E @ ????? @ ?????
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