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https://www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/HashCal and my site at HHHinChicago.com.
This week's hashes: Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
This Week: Hey, we have four hashes this weekend. Check them out. I can't be held responsible for last minute changes. If you see something you might like to do, always verify at their web site for last minute changes.

Thu, Nov 29, 2018, 7:00pm, The Thirstday Hash, Maybe someone, mmaybe, 128 S. Halsted, maybe not. $10 Hash Cash ThirstdayH3.comChicagoHash.coThu, Dec 6, 2018, 7:00pm, The Thristday Hash, Silent But Deadly is laying trail from Rite Liquors at 1649 W. Division, or so I heard. $10 Hash Cash, ThirstdayH3.com

Fri, Dec 7, 2018, 7:00pm, The First Crack of the Moon Hash. Son Of Spam will lay trail from Diversey River Bowl at 2211 W. Diversey. We will finish there and you can bowl after circle. Anyone who brings his own ball and shoes is not to be trusted and will have to carry them on the trail;-) Last time at $5 Hash Cash. Beat the tax increases in 2019. HHHinChicago.com

Sat, Dec 8, 2018, 2:00pm, The Big Dog Hash,
Lower Wackoff is laying trail from Thatcher Woods at about 8030 W. Chicago, just east of Thatcher Rd. For directions, check out the web site at http://bigdogh3.synthasite.com/. I believe we will eventually end at the False Advertising/Zone 2 Crystal Palace. $6 Hash Cash. $2 bills or $1 coins accepted. http://bigdogh3.synthasite.com/
sey aybe someone, maybe somewhere, $0 Hash Cash Maybe someone maybe somewherewhiskeywednesdayhash.org Wed, Nov 28, 2018, 7:00pm The Whiskey Wednesday Hash. Maybe someone, maybe somewhere, $0 Hash Cash Maybe someone maybe somewherewhiskeywednesdayhash.org
Wed, Nov 28, 2018, 7:00pm The Whiskey Wednesday Hash. Maybe someone, maybe somewhere, $0 Hash Cash Maybe someone maybe somewherewhiskeywednesdayhash.org
Sun. Dec 9, 2018, 2:00pm, The Chicago Hash,
False Advertising, Soul Taco and Glory Hole are setting trail from On Tour Brewing Company at 1725 W. Hubbard. Suppossed to be a Trifecta of birthdays. Lets give them all seperate down downs for their birthdays. And then we can call out, "When one hare drinks all hares drink' And then do it again and again. $10 Hash Cash. Chicago Hash.com
ed, Nov 28, 2018, 7:00pm The Whiskey Wednesday Hash. Maybe someone, maybe somewhere, $0 Hash Cash Maybe someone maybe somewherewhiskeywednesdayhash.org  Sun. Dec 9, 2018, 2:00pm, The Chicago Hash.Sun, Dec 9, 2018, 2:00pm, The Chicago HashSun False Advertising, Glory Hole and Soul Taco are laying trail from On Tour Brewing Cmpany at 1725 W. Hubbard. Something about a trifecta of birthdays. Instead of calling out birthdays, lets call them each out for their own birthday and then "When one hare drinks, all hares drink" Get them three down downs. $10 Hash Cash ChicagoHash.comChicagoHash.comChicagoHash.com
I booked that winter camp out bunkhouse again. It is Sat, Feb 16, 2019. Price is going up, but still a bargain. The more the cheaper. Last year it was hard to get people to sign up and plan this thing. But I could cancel several days before. This year I have until Dec 15 to cancel. So, I'm looking for people to sign up by then, with payment to me by Dec 15. I need at least 20 hashers by then or I'll cancel. That is $10/hasher. After that we will still have to all help put this together with food contributions, I'm bringing Horn-E chili again, beer (do we bring our own or community beer?), and clean up (soap, towels etc.) and cooking (dinner, late night, breakfast, pots, pans etc) and such. Looking for someone to take charge of each category to make this a great event for everyone. It is a Bushman H3 date, so it will be a Bushman Hash #165 and circle. But I could use a co-hare with a car to get there early with me to lay the trail. No, ladies won't have to wear balls for this. But they can and earn their bandanna. Trail should probably be about 2:00pm, normal time. We might not be able to get in the bunkhouse that early, (3:00 opening time), but we just park and run trail and unpack after the trail and before circle. Non runners can take the bunk house over at 3:00pm. Open to all ideas and comments to help make this better then ever this year.

I should be at all four hashes this weekend. Please sign in with me then. $10.
Who's coming: Horn-E bringing Chili, Eat My Pussy, Mommy's Little Accident. One other says he is coming. Any Harriets out there?
get your name here,
or here.

Last Week
On Thu there was a trail set by Its Too Soft for TH3 at Beaumonts. There was an awesome turnout of 5 Hounds bringing the average of the last three hashes to 4 hounds on trail. WOW. We headed out to the west on Armitage and I already lost track of the two FRBs, Eat My Pussy and Gay Dancer. And Famming Flaggott was behind me. I missed trail at two turns on one corner and already had four extra blocks to my credit before I got back on trail. At about this point I was joined by the late arriving visitor, Stain Gretsky from DC. She went to Dugans as previously posted and later changed. This is the reason that me must always avoid late minute changes and hopefully, if necessary, go to the nearest alternate possibility. Anyway, we ran on together, or at least she led, as we moved along. The next Split had us going the wrong way and upon returning, we went one block north and missed the Check as some damn statue instead of the corner. With no marks on the corner, we ranged west and found two marks and then nothing. About five extra blocks of ranging we returned and then I figured we might be on a Check. So we Split up and I found the trail through De Paul. From here on it was mostly predictable with a few missing marks before the trail settled in. And then naturally I went lame. Damn hand me down shoes. So I fell behind and Stain Gretsky ran on alone until she couldn't find a Check on North Ave. She finally ran on in to the bar. Meanwhile I ranged and found the beer stop at the hill in Oz Park. But no beer. So I went back to the bar and enjoyed Happy Hour $2 Craft Beers.

There was a Sun Hash for CH3, set by SnatchSquatch at Burkes Web Pub, but I missed it.

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