HHHi HHHashers:
See my calendar at www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/hashcal and my web site at HHHinChicago.com
Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
Anyone want off this list,
email Horn-E at H3HornEH3@aol.com and it will be done.  

New hashers or visitors, because of the virus and lock down, many hashes are back yards or parks. Outside. Be prepared for the current weather.  We occasionally charge up to $10 for hash cash, and/or BYOB. Hash cash money usually goes entirely to beer, but might include costs for food. HARES: Please get your locations updated ASAP but at least a week to 10 days in advance so we can publish them. Helps attendance.
Hashing has always been open to anyone. Hares: If you can't invite all hashers to "your" hash, perhaps you should postpone "your" hash to when you can. Simply put, if you can't invite all, don't invite any. These are "our" hashes and should be open to all at all times. If you don't know how to make this work, ask us.  

Thu. May 12, 2022. 7:00pm, The Thirstday Hash, Hooch B4 Cooch will hare from Output Lounge at 1758 W. Grand, $10 Hash Cash ThirstdayH3.com

Sat May 14, 2022, 7:00pm, The Chicago Full Moon Hash. Lower Wackoff and Just Do Me Slowly will hare from Warren Park at 6601 N. Western. $?Hash cash

Mon May 16, 2022, 7:00pm, The Chicago Hash.
Meat Inside Her and Berts Special Friend will hare from Skinner Park at 1331 W. Adams. $10 Hash Cash ChicagoHash.com

The Tale of the Trail
Thu. May 5, 2022. The Thirstday Hash, Coming Right Meow hared from Butler Field. Hashers were wondering about the hare after her last trail. but, Supiz supiz supiz, she did it. Weather looked a bit iffy but at the start there was no rain and mild temperatures. great for a hash. Rain wiped out some of the hares marks, so she took off on a bicycle to relay the trail. We took off towards Millinium Park and found our first Split, but Horn-E was right on that. Yeah. like that would help. a short time later we missed a turn. but we recovered and headed straight north and a few Splits later we passed the bean and still staying together thanks to those Splits. At Randolph there was a check and the trail headed east and around the concert area and back south to the winding bridge. We didn't believe that Split and were right on over the bridge. At the end we had a bunch of Splits as we worked our way to Monroe and over to the lake front. We regrouped at the light and were soon off along the lakefront to the south and finally a LSD crossing at Bundy Fountain. From here were worked the pathways south and a long loop and then back near and on Columbus Drive to a beer stop at Butler Field. where Castro Dick Assist came in FRB. Then we headed to the hare's castle in the sky and the hare was into the Sinko do Mayo and a day for Mexican food. Without Mayonnaise. On Out

Sat May 7, 2022, The Big Dog Hash. Lifa laid trail from Humbolt Park. I won't say this was a great trail. Rules of hash trashes. And it wasn't. But the hare did lay a real twisting trail that had the pack confused front start to finish, and mostly close together. We just experienced one of the dreariest springs in memory with more then enough rain and never enough sunshine. So this was sort of the first day of summer. Blue skies, warm temps, sun and cold beer and salsa music everywhere. And the pack gathered. Wow. What a crowd. The usual suspects, Horn-E, Back Door Bizzle, Lower Wackoff and False Advertising. After we took off on trail we had two late cummers, Stuffin Muffin and Magnetic Muff. Yep, the Usual Suspects. The people formerly known as hashers were still hibernating I guess. Or just quit hashing. The trail. We took off through paths to the north and FA took the lead. Over to the building by the lagoon and under the bridge to the left. I almost short cut over the street and I would have come upon the marks for the ON IN. Lucky hare there. A Check by a bridge under construction stalled us but we finally found trail to the south and around this finger of water and then back north by little Cubs Park. here is where the late cumers caught up to us. Again, along the lagoon and then west into city streets. A block later and a Check. FA went south. Gotcha. The late cumer MM found trail to the north and was off into the lead. And we headed back to the park, And the lagoon and another Check. Near the lagoon and a kiddie park. So the old fart heads through the kiddie park and was almost on the ON IN trail when the hare sweeping, called Horn-E back. Trail headed north to Humboldt and North. City streets again. No, not yet. Back into the park  and heading towards the North East of the park. Speculation. Back to city streets to circle that other trip into city streets. Never try to out guess the hare. We headed north instead of west. There was a Split by an alley and I headed east and was on. Well MM was still ahead and out of sight. But I passed back the wordand we were on and eventually heading back towards Humbolt Parkway. A Split. We followed MM north to a Check. Duh. Right under the 606 trail. How easy can it get. Not that damn easy. Much later we are still standing around with our fingers up our asses, Well, at least not each others. So Finally Horn-E heads south. Still nothing. Into the parkway and there is an arrow on a sewer cover. Then 2 and then 3 and that old fart blows his whistle and is ON heading east. Yeah, like that would last. A Split trail headed east. Horn-E headed south into Octopus country and coming out right behind FA. From here it was into the park and working our way past were Horn-E almost twice found On In trail and then south on Humbolt Drive to Buffalo Country and the beer stop. FA was FRB and damn, the old fart came in 2nd. Lower Wackoff was delayed and DFL as he tried to pick up a fresh Mexican Taco. After a brewski, we headed to the start area where we gathered among the flowers, Dandy Lions are flowers. We circled Big Dog style and relaxed in the beautiful sunshine and you missing hounds missed it. On Out
Mon May 9, 2022, The Chicago Hash.
Dr Cockvorkian and Death By Bukkake hared from McGee's. Wow. Even in the Green zone and we can't break ten hounds in a city of 3,000,000 people. Only 8 of us. Trail headed north under the El Tracks and get this, Horn-E was leading. A Triple Split, a Check, a Split and Horn-E was still ahead. WTF. But at a Song Check, a quick verse of Swing Low and then he didn't see the arrow to the south and headed East and North. By the time he returned, DFL again. At the next check, everyone was gone accept North Bangher Alley heading south and Lower Wackoff waiting to mark the Check. Horn-E went north again and spent the next half hour trying to catch the pack. Eventually through OZ Park and then west. Finally after a Check at Sheffield, I ran into Po Po Pickup Game. From here we struggled as things got darker and arrows were constantly in shadows. We finally game up to a beer stop and the pack. Horn-E didn't stop and ran on. North and along the Clybourn corridor, back and forth as trail headed North. Finally came to a Check that was rough to solve. I checked east and north and around and finally back to the Check and the pack caught up. They couldn't find anything either. So I went on a big loop and headed east on Fullerton before heading south. Came to a street corner and checked all four corners. Nothing. Headed west and all of a sudden the pack is fast approaching and heading east on the other side of the street. I guess they found trail were I stopped looking because I went far enough without a third mark. WTF. But a few blocks later and we are at the 2nd beer stop. after beer we headed back to the bar and ended up under the El tracks for circle. We made North Bangher Alley play RA and I won't admit it in print, but she did a decent Job. Ooops. I didn't say that. ON Out

Swing Low and On ON


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