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This week's hashes: Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
This Week:

Mon, Aug 13, 2018, 7pm. The Chicago Hash, Mudsucker will hare from Turtles at 238 W. 33rd St. Taking the Red Line, Exit at 35th St stop and head north on the platform to the 33rd St. Exit. Go left about a block. $10 Hash Cash, ChicagoHash.com

Tue, Aug 14, 2018, 7PM, The First Crack of the Moon Hash.
Horn-E will lay trail out of Double Bubble at 6036 N. Broadway. There will be some Haberdash available for all of you wankers who don't have any so you can show your pride in being a hasher. $5 Hash Cash.  HHHinChicago.com

Thu, Aug 16, 2018, 7pm, The Thirstday Hash.
Just Ben is scheduled, but no location yet again. Keep checking at their web site, Hash Cash, $10. ThirstdayH3.com

Horn-E will hare from Cumberland and Irving Park at the Bus shelter on the North West Corner. Please, if driving park in the first parking lot to the west on Irving Park, north side of the street, and head to the east end if possible. There will be some grilling after, or so I've been told. If you can, bring some snacks or such to share. Harrietts, this is the men's hash, but we welcome Harrietts if they have the balls to join us. If not, Horn-E will provide you with two golf balls in a sock to wear on trail. We accept creativity. For this you will be given a special bandanna for joining us. Hash Cash, $5. HHHinChicago.com

Last Week:

On Tue, I did the 4X2H4 Hash an I hared from Lotties with a total of 9 Hounds. Then the rains came as I was about to leave home. So bad my street was flooded, over the curbs on both sides. That is a heavy rain. So I prepared for the worst and only a few hounds and a semi live trail. I arrived at 6:15 and Soul Taco was there and ready to run. The sky now looked like no rain so I took off laying trail with dry wall. The plan was to head east, but not past Ashland to the east and Armitage to the north, and to the south go only two blocks south of North. Then race back to the start to find out who was there so I could buy enough beer while laying trail. The pack was growing and there would be 7 of us. Three six packs. They were to take off and I went back to trail to finish laying it. Trail now stayed between North and Armitage and not go as far west as Western. Worked fine as I tried to run with a heavy back pack and hope the following pack of hounds wouldn't catch me. So, how do you do that. Tricky Checks and Splits, as often as possible to slow them down like a real hash and give myself more time. It worked. And almost everyone finished within a tight group. But now there were 10 of us and not quite enough beer. And then the bitching began. Five or more miles. Well, true trail was about 4 exactly. The checking got them, but it did keep the pack together. We finished without a BN. I made it up as I went and suddenly I saw the spot, so I just laid a B. Hell, I'm right there so they can't miss me. on the 606 bridge over Damen with a slight cool breeze on a muggy night. After, we went back to Lotties for another and I bought a pitcher of Old Man Grumpy. Good stuff from a grumpy old man.
Sun, Aug 12, or Mon Aug 13 or Tue Aug 14, 7pm, All I did last week was the 4X2H4 HashThe First Crack of the Moon Hash. ????? will hare from ????? $5 Hash Cash, HHHinChicago.com
Sun, Aug 12, or Mon Aug 13 or Tue Aug 14, 7pm, The First Crack of the Moon Hash. ????? will hare from ????? $5 Hash Cash, HHHinChicago.comBitch of the week:

Here he goes again. We are in a metropolitan area of 4 or 5 million people and yet we continually have low attendance and no hares until the last minute and no locations when we have hares.
Lets try hares. We have 10 hashes and about 16 or 17 hashes a month. That is fine, if we had the attendance to go along. But we don't. So we need to use our hares more sparingly. We don't need three hares on any regular hash, and then have a hash a week later that can't find a single hare until someone finally steps up at the last minute. I'm doing that tomorrow. Lets spread the hares around. Yes you can do it alone, or in pairs, but we don't need a pack of hares. And the more hares, generally the more a trail gets screwed up. Just a thought.
More on hares. If there are two hares, why can't one actually sweep the trail, probably better then the pack, and maybe even add some short cuts for those that fall way behind for some reason. The idea isn't a race with three checks, but the pack running together with 6, 8, 10 good checks. And a sweep can observe what went right and wrong with their Checks and Splits, etc, and learn from it.
And if you sign up for a hash, lets get these locations into the Hare Raisers, mostly Lifa and SnatchSquatch or even me so we can post them. Believe me, advance notice improves attendance.
The pack: When the hares aren't sweeping, and various hounds sweep, please keep it in mind what exactly you are doing. We in the back really appreciate these sweep marks whether we are slow, a late arrival or someone who was out of sight Checking a False only to come back and find everyone gone. When you make that mark, you have taken control of the hash trail and you need to point it exactly back to the true trail, especially if that means putting down more then one mark to get the pack back to a true hare mark.
Attendance. All hashes have bad days and some have good days occasionally. Two weeks ago CH3 only had three regular hounds and three newbies. Last week 4X2 actually had 9 regular hounds. So we have these newbies and we try to tell them how much fun the hash is. If it is so much fun, where is everybody. Hard to retain these virgins or even got them to return for a second try, no matter how much fun the trail was. Even when it is a small group, we all need to spend as much time as we can making it fun for these virgins. That is the only way they will come back. That an a full schedule to pick from so we really look like we are a sustainable organization.
Circles: Another point brought out lately is our circles. We can do a great circle in the Chicago Area.
But, do we need an hour long circle several times a week? Do they get old and tiring for many and they just quit coming around? Do we need to keep some good songs going, DFL is about as lame as they get. Do we need this long explanation for virgins on how to do a Down Down? Tell them in advance. Do we need R. A's that are all clones reading from a play book? Ingenuity. Are they so long that we run out of beer with continuous 'When one drinks all drink' until we run out of beer. And then it is so late that no one actually mingles and sticks around as people have to leave and go to work the next day. We need more after circle mingling time. And not 3 or 4 drink stops. One at the finish and then a circle and then some party time. And leave on time, not 7:45 or later. And be finished with trail and one beer stop and back in the bar by 9:00.
I could go on. I love hashing even as it is, but I've seen it better when we averaged near 30 hounds. These are just some talking points. Talk to others and see what you think. Write me with your own ideas. But meanwhile, volunteer to hare, including some of the monthly hashes and Hares PLEASE come up with timely locations. We need more people deciding on us first and not deciding on something else because no location was posted and they found something else to do.

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