HHHi HHHashers:

See my calendar at www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/hashca14l and my web site at HHHinChicago.com
Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer. Anyone want off this list, email Horn-E at H3HornEH3 and it will be done. 

I can't be held responsible for last minute changes. If you see something you might like to do, always verify at their web site for last minute changes or confirm with the hare.

Thu, 18 Apr. 2019, 7:00pm. The Thirstday Hash,  Sanding Ovation will lay trail from that other Thursday favorite, Miska's at Leavitt and Belmont. $10 Hash Cash ThirstdayH3.com

Fri. 19 Apr. 2019, 7:00pm, The Chicago Full Moon Hash.
SnatchSquatch will set trail from The Twisted Hippo Breweery at 2925 W. Montrose for an A to B Hash. $8 Hash Cash HHHinChicago.com

Sat. 20 Apr.
2019, 2:00pm,
The Bushman Hash, Horn-E will lay trail from Forest Glen Forest Preserve on Forest Glen Drive. Foster Bus or car to Elston and Foster, go northwest on Elston to just before the railroad trestle and go right a few blocks to the Forest Preserve on the left. While this is often the annual flower run, it might be a bit early do to the snow and rains. But still good running in the woods where hashing really belongs. Ladies, this is the men's hash. But if you have the balls to hash with us, we'll welcome you. And remember, if you don't have the balls, Horn-E will have a pair of golf balls in a sock for you to wear.  We do accept and encourage creativity. Come and drink beer on a beautiful day along a river in the woods. Its better then a back alley any day. Then the Irish Bar, Corib, (Aunt Ednas),87 for some good draft Guinness. Or whatever. $5 Hash Cash HHHinChicago.com

The Tale of the Trail:
On Apr 11, 2019 we had a Thirstday Hash from Beaumonts and no hare. A pickup hash. The throw of the dice. High dice wins and we got Its To Soft as our first hare. Unfortunately also the last hare. He took off to the north with a Triple Split on the first corner. Five minutes later Horn-E found the next mark, a long block north and another Triple Split. By the time I returned from the north with no marks trail was found west, and another Split. Khal Drunko The Turd was another long block to the north before he found a Check. He found the trail from here, through De Paul and over to a Check at Halsted/Lincoln/Fullerton corner. You all know the corner, Checking hell with multiple marks in up to 10 different directions that are False and one true direction. Unfortunately there were no marks on any corner and we worked the Check in all directions. All five of us including Soul Taco, Ice princess and a virgin visitor. Nothing, anywhere. The last I saw of anyone was when I ran a block north on Lincoln and back. I had just seen Soul Taco heading north on the east side of the street on Halsted. When I returned everyone had finally given up, but I didn't know that. I assumed that Soul Taco found trail and everyone is heading north on Halsted. I went north a block and nothing. Crossing the street I accidentally spotted an arrow heading north, but hidden four feet into a gangway, a block and a nasty six corner intersection away from the Check, This would get you hell in the circle on a sunny day with a pack of 20 front running hounds. Think this pack in the dark. Trail went north to Wrightwood and a Triple Split. This is still only the second mark off of the Check. I went a block right. Wrong. I went a long block straight. Wrong. I went a block left and found a Split, the third mark. Naturally I went the wrong way and the way the marks were being laid, one per block, I ran all of the way to Shefield. No marks. But across the street I spotted a Check. Is Its Too Soft still laying trail? Somebody else? I cross Sheffield and ranged through the park and back to Sheffield. Nothing. I started heading south on Lincoln and felt the first few drops of rain. I'M DONE. Thunderstorms coming. Meanwhile Its Too Soft laid some more trail and then waited for the pack to arrive and pass of the haring duties. No one ever showed up. So he called the hare and was told to come to the beer stop. The rest of the pack, having given up, also called the hare and found out where the beer stop was and headed there. Called? Skipped Trail? Quit laying trail? What happened to good trail and working it. Back at the bar I got in just after the pack and light rain was coming down from what was supposed to be heavy rains yet to come. Its Too Sft, that is why you got a lot of down downs.

On Fri the 13th of April, there was a Big Dog Hash set by Crotch Fire in a Forest Preserve in Elmwood Park. My train was delayed by CTA rail work and I missed my planned arrival at the end. Then I mis-calculated the distance to the woods and started running, a good two miles. The pack waited but finally left about five minutes before I arrived. Bloody Thighs was just leaving on a walkers short cut when I got there. So we took off together and after a bit of Checking, the pack finally caught us, More good running in the woods and more deer running everywhere then I've seen on a trail for over ten years. We finally crossed a bridge and more woods. At a big puddle Horn-E managed to work his way around the puddle and found marks. Now out of the woods it was a parking lot with light chalk marks, crossing North Ave, and more parking lot in an abandoned mall. Finally trail was found on track and Horn-E led the pack across the Gay Bridge and to a Beer Stop that Horn-E completely missed. Meanwhile Lower Wackoff was hugging Bloody Thighs who was afraid of falling into the abyss below. Who else, Lifa and False Adveertising. And Crotch Fire on his off road bike. From the beer stop False Advertising and eventually Horn-E led us on paths back to North Ave and then sidewalks back to the woods and a laid back circle at a picnic bench in the sun. We found a ten pound broken bar bell near the table. Horn-E started using it to crush the cans. Worked great. Got that False Advertising, Crotch Fire. Patience and perfect hockey pucks. From there I was given a ride back home by Bloody Thighs. Thanks.

Now we come to the Chicago Hash on Sun, 14 Apr, 2019. It was set by Hobo Piss and Butt Steff from Big Joes. We had a drop in temperature and a light snow. Unfortunately the temperature was near freezing and the snow turned to a few inches of wet slush. Damn. There were only three hounds, and fortunately the hare swept because the snow was still coming down and we missed marks on several occasions, especially turns, finally ending at the usual tunnel where Butt Steff finally joined us with some whiskey shots. Back at the bar it was a short laid back circle and then we went to the brewery across the street where they were having some sword fight demonstrations. Interesting. And finally I got a ride back home from the hares. Fun, but a little wet. Shoes that is and that was all. 

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