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This week's hashes: Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
This week:
Mon, Jul 16, 2018, 7pm. The Chicago Hash, Rusty Grundel, The Cock Whisperer and Soul Taco will hare from Damen Tavern at 701 N. Damen.
$10 Hash Cash, ChicagoHash.com

Thu, Jul 19, 2018, 7pm, The Thirstday Hash. We don't have a hare at this point, Please, someone sign up and post it on the web site. $10 Hash Cash. ChicagoTH3.com

Sat. Jul 21, 2018, 2pm, The Bushman Hash.
Horn-E will hare from St. Paul Woods just Northwest of the Morton Grove Metra, just inside of the Forest Preserve entrance and just off Lincoln. Metra, the train gets in about 1:05. Bring a few beers and lay about in the Forest Preserve drinking beer. Remember, at least 50 feet from the parking lot and no glass. Coming by bus and the EL. Take the Red Line to Howard. Transfer to the Skokie Swift, Yellow Line to Dempster and then take the Dempster Bus west 
to just before the tracks, about a mile. Walk south on Lincoln to the entrance. Cars, take I 94 to Dempster and head west about a mile to just before the tracks, Lincoln, and go south about two blocks to the Forest Preserve Entrance. Remember, this is a men's hash, but ladies are welcome if they have the balls. If not, I will provide a pair of golf balls in a sock and they have to wear them in their knickers. We do accept creativity and love it. And you will get a special bandanna for playing our game. $5 Hash Cash. HHHinChicago.com

Last week

On Mon at The Chicago Hash, Rusty Grundel and the Cock  Whisperer hared from Local Option for 23 hounds with visitors and virgins everywhere. Trail was a nice mix of back and forth without much in the way of outrageous short cuts and a lot of Checks and Splits that kept the pack together and really showed the visitors what hashing in a pack is really all about. And even Horn-E got a turn in front thanks to crossing Fullerton when he saw the pack cross Fullerton a block further west, and coming on marks heading east. Sometimes you get lucky. Good circle in the bar and the bar tender was an old friend from Ravens. Great.

Then on Thu, SnatchSquatch led his annual Running of the Bulls hash with a co hare, Flamming Flaggot for the TH3 Hash. We had 10 Spaniards and 5 Bulls for this chase from Redmonds. And for once, we Bulls actually got through three Checks before Gay Dancer and Dr. Cockvorkian gored Horn-E, The Dark Kunt and the visitor from Dallas, Double Dribble. Then, back at Redmonds, the bar was having Trivia night so we headed out for 3 30 packs and held circle under the El Track, about 150 feet west of Sheffield. And no cops, but the El did a number on singing and accusations, etc. After, about ten hashers headed to some BYOB pizza place for a few slices.

Fri, had Lower Wackoff setting the First Crack of the Moon Hash #250. We ran from Ham Tree Inn with 12 hounds. The hare was up to his usual Checks and although this was supposed to be only 2.5 miles long to celebrate the 250th hash, his checks were such that we had a long run before finding the beer. And we really had to look for that. Then we held a short circle in a shelter in the woods before heading back to the bar. On the way back, Lower Wackoff stopped for three large pizzas with six different types of toppings. And he bought them. Great. And we only had $2.50 Hash Cash to celebrate the 250th hash. But Son Of Spam kept the beer flowing and covered that. We also actually had 2 people who were at the first FCMH3, Horn-E the founder and Bloody Thighs.

Then we had to face the
Cums On All BasesCums On All BasesCums On All BasesSat, Cums On All Bases, Big Dog Hash from the Palatine Metra stop. We had a late start due to rain the night before that wiped out the pre laid trail, and the hare having to work earlier. We had a pack of 12 that spanned 75 years differences in age. A Visitor with his wife and two kids, our resident, transient, summer visitors from Hawaii, And six regular hashers. The trail was short on the hashing part of less then two miles where we regrouped at a Check we couldn't solve and then we headed out on two death marches of over a mile each and just straight until the final On In. We entered her house and I thought I was hashing in Antarctica. Damn she had that air conditioner on full blast. I grabbed a beer and headed back in the heat, and shade, to rest up and recover. We eventually held a BDH3 circle and then it was around back to a porch and brats and burgers. Good stuff. We were eventually given rides back to cars and Lower Wackoff and I actually got a ride back into Norwood and his car. All was good.

Sun there was a surprise hash. Sort of. Second City had a hash and SnatchSquatch forgot he signed up for it, so there wasn't much notice, like Thursday it was announced. But he snagged Panda as a co-hare and set out on a three mile trail. Then the pack arrived, Well, only three of us, Its Too Soft, Eat My Pussy, and Horn-E. But we headed out into the heat and probably did closer to four miles with the Checking and stuff. We all took turns leading the trail and finally Horn-E led to a Check at California and Montrose, after not having a beer stop in the park. So Horn-E went West to a False, and Eat My Pussy headed east and found trail. As Horn-E returned towards the Check, he ranged one block north hoping to come across trail. Then heading east one block and there was trail and the Beer Stop in this small triangle park, and the two hares, and ice cold water and beer. Finally Its Too Soft ranged off of the Check and straight north and after one block he arrived. Eventually Eat My Pussy finished off the trail correctly and came on in. Back at the finish, SnatchSquatch's garage, he announced that their would be no hash cash as he was just using up some beer laying around the house. Thanks. Then we held the lamest circle ever at a SCH3 hash, the home of the sitting circles. Then we hung around and actually talked politics, agreeing and disagreeing and never arguing, just stating experiences, ideas, attitudes, etc. All politics should be that peaceful. See what a hash and cold beer can accomplish.

I also want to thank those that laid these last three hashes. I actually spent more on transportation, and I get senior citizen rates, then I did on Hash Cash. For that there were three very hot hashes, two hot meals and a lot of cold beer.  For me, it was one hell of a good weekend. Special thanks, Lower Wackoff, Son Of Spam, Cums On All Base and SnatchSquatch.

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