HHHi HHHashers:
See my calendar at www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/hashca14l and my web site at HHHinChicago.com
Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer. Anyone want off this list, email Horn-E at H3HornEH3 and it will be done. 

I can't be held responsible for last minute changes. If you see something you might like to do, always verify at their web site for last minute changes or confirm with the hare.

Wed, 20 Mar, 2019, 7:00pm, The Chicago Full Moon Hash, Wanky Wonky will hare on the first day of spring from the Shamrock Club at 210 W. Kinzie at the Brown Line Merchandise Mart Stop. Remember, this is the black socks hash. There will be Haberdash available for you new hashers. $8 Hash Cash. HHHinChicago.com

Thu, 21 Mar. 2019, 7:00pm. The Thirstday Hash,
One Fuck Chuck and SnatchSquatch will hare from Double Bubble at 6036 N. Broadway. Outdoor circle in the beer garden. $10 Hash Cash ThirstdayH3.com

Sun. Mar 24. 2019, 2:00pm, The Chicago Hash, Ice Princess will lay trail from ????? Probably in the near south loop area with a probable roof top circle. But that is speculation. Check their web site for a late update. $10 Hash Cash ChicagoHash.com

The Tale of the Trail:

On 14 Mar, 2014, Gay Dancer and Just Alex laid a trail from Parrots for TH3 and 15 hounds. For me, it started out well as I was able to follow them through a few turns and Splits and Checks as trail worked its way towards Lincoln Park. Well, besides the a$$hole that ran a stop sign and almost hit me. I literally hit his car. As we paralleled Lincoln Park heading north, I was following The Cock Whisperer. She suddenly came back, no marks after a Split. Then Silent But Deadly and One Fuck Chuck came by. They just kept going and back into the city and not on trail and who knows what. I tried to follow and never saw trail again finally doing a loop down Belmont to Sheffield and back to the bar without a mark. Of course, the trail didn't go there. The Cock Whisperer finally used Facebook to find the Beer Stop. I got back to the bar about 5 minutes before the pack arrived. After circle we got around to naming Just Alex. A lively session which finally came up with Sanding Ovation. Good name.

On Sat 16 Mar 2019, we had the monthly Bushman Hash set by Horn-E for 10 hounds from Caldwell Woods. Unfortunately only two hounds showed up, R-Tard-E and Just Travis. But it was the usual run through the woods with a lot of low standing water and some nice gullies and water crossings thrown in. And then there was the impassable section trying to avoid standing water. It didn't and the hounds didn't do it. Then there was the Check in the big field of grass. There was a mark on a tree with two Check marks just below it. But they didn't follow the trail exactly and ranged to the two False trails in the distance. Ooops. Stay on trail. They eventually found it and were soon on in where the hare was waiting with some good beer. After we headed over to Yackoos for the On In. 

Sun 17 Mar 2019, was the usual Chicago hash, at least when it is the usual Sunday hash. Set by Hooch B4 Cooch and Taste The Rainbow from O'Donnell's for 8 hounds. We started south and west a bit and I was able to stay with the pack through a mess of Checks, Back Checks and Splits that we had a little trouble solving. Suddenly while I was out checking to the north east, the trail was found to the north and I ran the rest of the way trying to catch up. I didn't as we did a counterclockwise loop to one of the usual beer stops in that area. And there was Taste The Rainbow standing over a cooler treasure chest of Founders Real gold. Well done. The rest of the pack were well into there beers. Back at the bar, our resident chow hound, Eat My Pussy found the bars courtesy St. Patrick's buffet of Corn Beef, etc. So after a quick feed, I Eat Dick led circle for us.  After the short circle we settled into naming Just Travis. Pony something or other. Damn my memory

On On

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