HHHi HHHashers:

Check calendar at  https://www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/HashCal and my site at HHHinChicago.com.

This week's hashes:

Tue, Apr 17, 2018, 7pm, The First Crack of the Moon Hash, Ice Princess and Jizzy Taco (?) will lay trail from Weathermark Tavern at 1503 S. Michigan. this is the Black Socks Hash. There will be Haberdash available, $12. $5 Hash cash, HHHinChicago.com

Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 7 pm. The Thirstday Hash.
The Dark Kunt and Furry Spice will hare from Irish Eyes at 2519 N. Lincoln. Hash Cash $8 ChicagoTH3.com

Sat. Apr 21, 2018, 2pm. The Bushman Hash. Horn-E will lay trail from Leckowitz Woods at Indian Road and Central. Remember, we are all woods all the time. We are the men's hash, but we let Harrietts run with us if they have the balls. If not, the hare will provide them with a pair of gold balls in a sock to wear you know where. And for playing our game they will be given a special Bushman bandanna, $5 Hash Cash. HHHinChicago.com

Sun, Apr 22, 2018, 2:00pm The Chicago Hash. SnatchSquatch is haring from Rainbow Beach at 77th St. ChicagoHash.com

Last Week:

On Thu we had a Thirstday Hash set by Putt Putt In The Butt from Dickens Street Pub. We had a nice pack of 14 hounds as he headed east on Dickens. A block later was a triple Split. The true trail went right to Armitage, around the block and back to Dickens Street. I believe half the pack went straight east at the Triple Split and found that short on back trail and the pack was now split up a bit. By the time I got there, the pack was mostly gone and I saw two hashers disappearing into the park on the north side of the street. I followed, but found no marks. As I headed back. Lifa came along and yelled he was on one from the Check. Check? I followed and we headed into the park. Trail went around the lagoon and suddenly became blue chalk in the dark, and shadows and on asphalt. The larger pack might have been able to see that last Split where I lost Lifa, but I didn't. More pink and blue marks on through the park and a check. Swept to the south, but no more visible marks that I could find. So I abandoned the attempt and headed into the city and down North Ave. After a few blocks there was suddenly a hidden arrow. Back on, I managed to follow the rest of the trail without problems, despite some mysterious marks and suddenly I was at B in Oz Park and there was the pack. Back at the bar we drank PBR tall boys and held a nice circle. 

Sat. was The Big Dog Hash set Crotch Fire. We had eight hounds. Well, six running hounds and two walkers under a big yellow umbrella, Zone 2 and Let Me Blow. Unusual trail. After the first right turn arrow, there was nothing but Triple Splits and Checks and all were left turns or straight as the trail was an ever widening spiril from the start until a final right turn and a left turn to a straight run of three blocks down an alley an On In. We ended up in the garage, heated with a wood buring cast iron stove and we were soo  holding circle while our hare cooked two deep fat fried turkeys. Delicions. . Eventually cums On All bases arrived with some desert for us. Thanks and Cum again.

On Sun, we had a Chicago Hash set by False Advertising from Burwood Tap. Injured, yes again, I followed the pack of nine other hounds, walking as they headed south on Halsted. That was about all I saw of the trail. Went through Oz Park and then the Zoo and who knows where. I managed to walk that part not on trail, but on the word of the hare. First time I ever went through the zoo and didn't see a single animal. Not even a sparrow or a squirrel. The beer stop was in the nearby playground and then back to Burwood for a fun circle and plenty of pitchers of beer.

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