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https://www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/HashCal and my site at HHHinChicago.com. I've added the Moon Hash dates for 2018. I've already signed up for my birthday. Check out for yours.
Tue Nov 7, 2017, The 4X2H4 Hash. 6:30 out at 7:00 sharp.  Snotcho Mama is setting trail from the Edison Park Inn at 6715 N. Olmsted. This is just outside of the Edison Metra stop, Union Pacific Northwest line. Train to get you there on time leaves Jefferson Park at 6:38 and downtown at 6:20. Return trains at 8:33, 8:53, 9:53 etc, Good area for hashing with many angled streets to confuse the hounds. http://4x2h4.org/

TueThu Nov 9, 2017, 7pm,  The Thirstday Hash. Hooch B4 Cooch and Just Jess  will hare from Corner Bar at 2224 N. Leavitt She needs a name so think up something cute and we'll dirty it up later. $8 Hash Cash  https://chicagoth3.com/ Sat, Nov 11, 2017, 2pm. The Big Dog Hash, Lower Wackoff is laying trail from the Gladstone Lounge at 5734 N. Milwaukee. Hash Cash $6 http://bigdogh3.synthasite.com/ Sun, Nov 12, 2017, 2pm, The Chicago Hash. Glory Hole and Biholer at Dugan's at 128 S, Halsted for a hash wedding hash. We have the back room to ourselves. The CH3 web site has Shoes Pub, but the hare told me on Sunday that it is changed to Dugans. $8 Hash Cash. ChicagoHash.com.
Mon, Dec 4, 2017, 7PM. The Chicago Full Moon Hash, Son Of Spam is setting trail from One City Tap at 3115 S. Archer, just west of Ashland. Should be some new trail I have never seen run before. Hash Cash $5 HHHinChicago.com

Tue, Dec 5, 2017, 6:30PM The 4X2H4 Hash.
As of this writing, there is nothing on the web site, but I heard a rumor of something about Union Station, and maybe even bringing what was left of a keg. Keep checking the web site.  http://4x2h4.org/

Thu Dec 7, 2017, 7pm,  The Thirstday Hash.
Gee, another hash with no location or hare listed on the official web site. I did here a rumor of Soul Taco, but don't count on it. Who knows at this time. Meanwhile, keep checking the web site. Maybe they'll post something before hash time.  $8 Hash Cash  https://chicagoth3.com/

Sat, Dec 9, 2017, 1pm, The Big Dog Hash. Hey everybody, we have a hare and a location. The hare is EZ On The Ass and the location is Forest Glen Forest Preserve. This is located on Forest Glen Drive, just a few blocks north of Elston. Check the web site for more directions. Hash Cash $6. http://bigdogh3.synthasite.com/

Sun, Dec 10, 2017, 2pm, The Chicago Hash. Glory Hole, False Advertising and Soul Taco are setting a hash from some mysterious location. Either three hares can't figure out where, or they can't get it posted. Or maybe it is the same old story, if you aren't on Facebook you don't count. Even visitors who aren't on Facebook can't find out anything. Virgins, apparently no one really cares unless you are on the Facebook site and you can't get on unless you are a hasher. You have to know where to go in order to go to a hash. And the sooner we list locations the better chance of increasing attendance. It takes the same amount of time to post things well in advance as it does at the last minute. Get your information to the web master or hare raiser ASAP. $8 Hash Cash. ChicagoHash.com.

Five hashes this week and only two locations.

Wed we had a Whiskey Wednesday Hash. Dr. Cockvorkian was the hare and at the last minute, there was finally a location posted on the web site. I barely got the word myself. And only three regular hashers showed up. But thanks to visitors, new hashers we actually had eight on trail. Time wise, we had to wait until 7:56 before we were able to take off on a trail set by Gay Dancer and Roofie Ragu as assistants to Dr. Cockvorkian who had a medical issue. One block south was a Check. My self and visitor Barry Manhoe were still there after over ten minutes and the other six were long gone. The two of us struggled until a short time after a Back Check 12. We lost trail and interest by then. Back at the bar we were eventually joined by Silent But Deadly. And there we waited until well after ten before the other five and hares returned. 

Thu had a Thristday Hash set by Sandy Syphilis at the Cork for 19 hounds
. It started out good as we headed west, but eventually the pack got well split with few checks and splits and we did a big loop back to her apartment where she had a 30 pack of PBR waiting on her back porch. After that, we headed back to the cork and enjoyed a Gay Dancer circle and Chip and Dale pizzas with anchovys.

Sun had a CH3 trail from the Ogden. Glory Hole and Berts Special Friend were the hares and it was A to B, a mile away. But did the trail head that way. No. It went further west for a Whiskey Stop at the home of Berts Special Friend and Meat Inside Her. Then it reversed course and went to Glory Holes. Meanwhile I got off course, thankfully, and eventually picked up on the On Back trail. And I got burned on the Checks and the Splits as I struggled alone to find the B at his Condo. Then I couldn't get in. You know the drill. Eventually we ended up on the roof deck in the cold wind as the R A arranged for a beautiful sunset. Then we finally got inside were we sat and worked on that keg of beer.

All right wankers. I got this date and have $250 hanging on it. Many said they wanted this, but no one has signed up yet and no firm commitments. Like money and rego. This is a group endeavor and we expect everyone to help with some job along the way. See the green below. If I don't have enough regos to make this worthwhile by Dec 15, I will cancel this. Only four have said they will give me money the next time they see me. It is only $20 up front and a later charge to fully cover the costs for food and beer. We will also need hare commitments, beer committee to buy and keep going all weekend and food committees to buy and prepare dinner and breakfast and snacks, etc. and a cleanup crew. This is a communal event. How about some games like a Twister tournament. I'm sure some might like a tippy cup tournament. 
New event, a winter campout.
I reserved bunk house No 3, where we were two years ago. Sign up in person with Horn-E. First cum first served. $20 deposit If I don't see some signups soon I'll raise the costs for later comers and/or cancel the whole thing.  and we'll figure out the other costs later. Mainly food and beer and if we fill it, less then $10 for the bunk house. Sleeps 36. It is more expensive this year, but still worth it if we get a good crowd. For those that don't know, 18 bunk beds in a clean warm bunkhouse, with warm showers, full kitchen, and so much more. Sleeps 36. We all pitch in, cooking, laying trails, clean up, etc.

Jan 27,
Little Trojan Annie said that we could use the Second City hash for a trail in the woods on Sat. Afternoon. I'm volunteering as a hare, but would like two others to help co-hare. I figure a trail at about 2PM sharp. The bunkhouse won't be open yet, but we meet around 1:30 and head out at 2PM. When we get back the bunkhouse would be open (3PM) and we can rush in and get a bunk and unload cars before a circle. Other ideas welcome.

Then we prepare and eat dinner. Full kitchen available.
Then a late night trail for the adventurous followed by a short circle. Remember, we will have campfires available for circles.

Sunday morning hopefully we can get Crack of Dawn Hash, or Rag Time Hash to lay a trail for us, followed by breakfast.

Then we clean up a bit and leave for the Chicago Hash that afternoon.

We could do 4 hashes in 26 hours.

Any thoughts or comments or suggestion? We will want everyone to pitch in and help at something. This is not set up by any one particular hash so you have no one doing everything for you. No exceptions. This is a communal event. Food committees (Sat dinner, Late night snacks and overall snacks, breakfast), Beer committee (Purchase and deliver), occasional clean up (you puke you clean it up. I don't care how drunk you are), hares. Sign up starts this Thu at Thirstday Hash.

Now lets hope for 20 to 25 degrees and 10 inches of good clean snow.

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