HHHi HHHashers:
See my calendar at www.brownbearsw.com/freecal/hashcal and my web site at HHHinChicago.com
Visitors and new hashers (virgins), we start meeting at the listed times and start hashing a half hour later. Time for a quick beer.
Anyone want off this list,
email Horn-E at H3HornEH3 and it will be done.  

New hashers or visitors, because of the virus and lock down, many hashes are back yards or parks. Outside. Be prepared for the cold.  We charge $0, $5 or $6 for hash cash sometimes, and/or BYOB. Hash cash money goes to beer.

HARES: If you signed up to hare, please get a location out as soon as possible so
proper complete announcements can go out and the hounds can figure out their schedules and just maybe make it to your hash
Wed, Apr 14, 2021, 7:00PM, First Crack of the Moon Hash. Dickens Cider will lay an A to B trail from Humboldt Park at Division and California. Meet in the park. X
Sat, Apr 17, 2021, 2:00pm, The Bushman Hash, annual flower hash.  Horn-E will lay trail from Lechowicz Woods at Indian Road and Central. Red line go to Bryn Mawr, take Peterson bus to the end of the line and walk south a few blocks and over the bridge. Then left into the Forest Preserve Parking area. We meet near the turn around. Blue line to Jefferson Park and then a bus north on Central to Indian Road. By car it is on Central just south of Caldwell and north of Elston, Metra, go to Edgebrook stop and walk south a few blocks and over the bridge. Then left into the Forest Preserve Parking area. All woods all the time. About this time every year the area we will hash through is inundated with yellow flowers that we will run through. $0 Hash cash. or BYOB.
Sun, Apr 18, 2021, 2:00pm, Chicago Hash.
Hooch B4 Cooch, Dr. Cockvorkian and Gay Dancer will lay trail from Buena Park at 1049 W. Buena at Kenmore. A to B. $0 or
BYOB Hash Cash ChicagoHash.com

The Tale of the Trail x
Sat, Apr 10, 2021, The Big Dog Hash. Back Door Bizzle laid a spectacularly shitty and muddy and difficult trail at Fort Sheridan and through Openlands Forest Preserve in potentially rainy weather, although that didn't really happen. The weather that is. But the rest was true as 7 hounds took off on this adventure on areas I never saw before. Which means some definitely virgin trail. Would we get scratched, cut, bruised and wet. Not really, but one hound got pricked. (more on that later). After gathering under a bridge we finally got a circle and took off. Right back to the top of the bridge area, about 200 yards straight up, and a Check. Lower Wackoff found that and we headed south and then into the preserve along a concrete path. Concrete? WTF. But that wouldn't last long. Near the lake bluff area we ran into the first obstacle on the trail. "No Trespassing, Explosive Area, Possibly buried ordinance". Ooops. If you take a step and hear a click, DON'T MOVE until Horn-E gets safely away. A Check had us finally getting into some serious prairie and I ended way off trail wandering. Yes, again. But with a little hare assistance, I was back on trail for two marks and a Check. While I wandered around over a little hill and into the prairie, trail was found into a deep, steep ravine. I got about half way down when trail was coming right back up. But Cockholm Syndrume was seen leaping over rocks and back and forth over the raging steam from all of the previous rain. Back at the edge I followed Just Do Me Slowly and Zone 2 who was really in the zone. Was there beer ahead. Where their pricks ahead. Yes to both as she led us up a steep hill full of small skinny trees that were full of thorns. About a half inch long. Lower Wackoff would call that 'Little Boys Hill'. But little pricks or not, after the beer stop the Harrietts, Just Do Me Slowly and Zone 2 left the pack and returned to the start. I guess they just got to excited and had to go off and dream on their own. Meanwhile the big pricks, from the young to the old, ran on. We did get a Back Checkheading towards the bluffs and steep declines, that the Hare didn't mention. Garmin came back telling us it was a Back Check eleven D one. We did end up running through a housing area and towards another ravine. Hey, I finally found a mark. It was a steep decline into the abyss and the zombie hounds. Something about that bare skin, rotting carcass, and such, got False Advertising thinking up a new song about doing a dead hound and sucking. Well, experienced hashers know the song it came from and I'll leave that to your sick minds or nightmares. Here we encountered more raging waters as we then followed the stream up towards it's source. Must have been at least 300 yards of jumping back and forth over the waters trying to stay dry above our hips, or falling off of slippery rocks, and get washed away. But we finally survived with a final muddy climb out of the ravine. From here it was mostly just running along streets and roads as we skirted around Federal Property and back to the finish. At this point I thought I was DFL, but Lower Wackoff finally caught me. The hare did give me and Lower Wackoff a short cut past a gate and down a winding road into the ravine to where we started. Circle was held there, out of the slight rain but in a raging wind tunnel. A modified Big Dog Circle where we gave a few DDs and then designated the next R. A. And that is where we heard False Advertising whine about getting pricked in the thorny woods. After that. False Advertising had a pocket full of wooden nickels and headed to the Wooden Nickel. I know he likes girlie bars, but he dragged Zone 2 with him. Now most girlie bars include stuffing dollar bills into girls panties, but wooden nickels in the nickel slots is a new one.
Sun, Apr 11, 2021, Chicago Hash. False Advertising and Just Davinia laid a  trail from Arrigo Park for 9 walkers. Okay, we also had 17 running hounds. We started out to the north end of the park only to return on a Back Check and head out to the south side of the park and then south to Taylor. And I'm behind already. We cross Taylor and head south on Loomis and all of a sudden the pack is returning on a Back Check. But they went way past where the Back Check was solved and meanwhile that had Hooch B4 Cooch and myself heading west in an alley looking for marks. Now I'm really far behind. But I return and follow the disappearing pack across Roosevelt and through some housing areas and south on Ogden and finally west on 14th street to Morgan and a quick beer stop by the tracks. I'm not drinking so I ask False Advertisiag for the on out. Like I can believe anyone named False Advertising. But I head out under the tracks to a Check. I picked right, left, and was soon on and back under the tracks to the north. On 15th Pl the trail went east to Halsted where the hares tried to f*ck with the pack. South towards the underpass and then climb down into the speedimg traffic, climb over a medium and back into traffic and climb out the other side and over or through the fence. Yeah. like I'm going to do that. I go north about fifty yards from 15th Pl. and cross at the light and I'm back on trail running through a housing area and climbing up about 87 steps, I lost count at my age. Now trail heads north to 14th place and I missed the turn mark so I'm south to 13th. Around the block and back and I'm on trail again. I keep looking but no pack in sight. I head east to a Split and naturally pick wrong. So further north and a back check and I'm at a check at Maxwell. Now I have three choices and still no pack in sight. So I go west and eventually I can't even find a second mark. So I return and Mommys Comming is coming towards me. Damn, the pack caught up. As we keep running back to the Check I see almost the whole pack run by and I'm alone in the rear. "The last shall be first and the first shall be last. And so it was written and so it shall be done". From here it was into the Campus and forty2 steps from hell before heading out of the campus and west on Polk following Ice Princess but never quite catching him, and on in to Arrigo Park and the circle. And so we gathered until the last walker, Menage A Twat came on in. Then Hooch B4 Cooch led us in a circle and the hares drank and drank and we were introduced to our virgins, Just Carter and Just Ricky who both did a proper Down Down.  We finally ended that part of circle and we were taking on the naming of our hare, Just Davinia. That was a large circle and it got quite rowdy and fun as great questions were asked and many suggestions for names were submitted. But it finally came down to Just Davinai getting away with not having the balls to run a Bushman Hash, her first Chicago Area hash, and getting away with it. So she will forever more be known as All Bush No Balls. After that we kept hanging around in the park on a sunny day and enjoying spring, and the Harriets were constantly heading off to some tree stump with a blanket to do what the men had to do in the open area behind one of the few trees. Isn't hashing in nature fun?
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